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    I am a new grad with a BSN. I am interesting in going into CRNA in the future, and was wondering about taking additional classes. My BSN is from a traditional 4 year University, but I want to take some classes(physics, organic chemistry) from a local community college(closer to home). Will CRNA take classes into consideration equally. I know most programs take last 60 hours GPA into consideration, does that include credits after graduation? Stupid question maybe. Thanks for any help.
    if you're eager enough to take those classes in hopes of making you a better candidate, you should seriously consider taking them at a four yr college, not a comm. college... on that note, some schools require organic I, some biochemistry, some physics, and some none.. so, before you do take some classes, check out where you want to go and look into their requirements. you could even take some basic MSN courses to get them out of the way. now, also, many programs are not MSN, mine being an MS in anesthesia, so i am not required to take nursing theory, etc... to wrap up, i would say that going into school with some organic and biochem background is greatly helpful. physics? not so much. you learn way too much in a physics class than what you are taught in anesthesia school.. you will get what you need there.
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    I would check with the schools first. I hear a lot that taking science classes would help, but the schools in my area didn't care about that stuff. Some school care about a "science GPA" and some do not. They suggested taking some of the MSN classes ahead of time to demonstrate your academic chops. Plus - you'll get some of the nonsense ... er ... I mean non-anesthesia classes out of the way.

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    I would echo most of what has already been said. Look at the program pre reqs and program structure and go from there. Anytime you can get ahead of the game you will be better off. If you are going for an MSN try to get some of the core courses out of the way it will lighten you load somewhere along the line.