ICU choice

  1. opinions please - what would better prepare me, surg or open heart icu?
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  3. by   jenniek
    The one that will give you ventilator weaning experience, gtt titration, and hemodynamic experience. Typically that would be a CVICU, but if it's a busy SICU that will give you experience. I'm partial to a CVICU.....

  4. by   blee1
    thanks =)
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  5. by   foxyhill21
    how about CCU? will that get me my exp.
  6. by   toobemall
    As Jennie said, it depends on the size and the acuity of the CCU. After spending a year or so in a CCU, I transferred to CVICU because people that come out of CABG, MVR, etc must go to a unit.......they are all vented, most have swans and numerous drips. Alot of CCU patients might need ICU, but they are awake, talking, etc. I learned more about hemodynamics during my CVICU orientation than I did the entire time in the CCU, simply becuase I was shooting outputs and manipulating gtts/blood products/whatever around those values to stabilize the patient. When they are stable and off the vent, they move to step down and you get fresh, acute patients to work with again. We are just getting into CV lectures, so I hope that experience will serve me well.
  7. by   UCDSICURN
    I'd stay away from CCU to be honest, you just won't get the exposure to post-op patients that most programs are looking for, by their definitions of acceptable experience. If that's your only choice of an ICU, then by all means do it. What are your choices, if any?
  8. by   foxyhill21
    I'm currently during a internship in CCU ( I hate it) but it is allowing me great exposure (I grad with BSN nxt yr.) The director will hire me when I grad. But I wanted to see if this was going to be my best option or to transfer to another unit.