I got in!!! Rosalind Franklin 2013

  1. I am very excited to say that I just received notice that I am accepted to Rosalind Franklin University class of 2013!!!! Oh yeah, I can't believe it, not many replies to any posts I made on here but still would love to say what a wonderful tool it was in helping me get more information, etc. Thank you to everyone, and oh yeah, anyone else get accepted or hear anything yet?
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    Currently, I am student in my last year of nursing school in Canada. I am interested in the CRNA program and was wondering what kind of admission requirements were required for your school to get into the program. I know that 1-2 years of ICU experience is preferred. What about additional courses? How is the lifestyle for CRNAs and working hours etc?
    Also does anyone know any Canadian nurses working as CRNA in the US? More information will be really helpful.
    Thank you.
  5. by   CRNA 2012
    Congratulations, I am currently in the class of 2012 at Rosalind and could not be happier. Great program with great instuctors. You made a good choice. Good Luck
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    How was the interview? I have one coming up SOON and was wondering if you had any advice. Also, how is the test?
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    AWESOME! I have an interview coming up SOON and was wondering if you had any recommendations. Also, how is the test? Anything I should review? Please let me know because I want this more than anything. Thanks!
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    Hello! Congratulations, what wonderful news!! Can I ask you when you interviewed? or if you know the status on how many they've accepted or whats going on... because I haven't heard anything yet and I interviewed in September... did you receive an email or something in the mail? Thanks again! I'm super nevous!!
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    Sorry guys this is late. I interviewed 9/21, found out I was accepted two days later, oh yeah!! If not too late-
    The interview process went well. Be well dressed. When I came in there were 6 of us- they took us up to a classroom where the pd gave an overview of the program, how they meet or exceed the COA recommendations. Then there is a short quiz, not sure how many scenarios they have, but study your tele. Then they interviewed us one at a time. I know its easy to say be prepared, because I don't think anyone is truly prepared to be solidly happy with every question they ask. I interviewed with 5 staff- pd, interim pd, teacher, and a student, not sure if there was anyone else. Make sure to be confident and not too nervous, give good eye contact. There are plenty of good websites with templates on the multitude of questions they will or might ask you, just Google Nurse anesthesia interview questions. Most importantly know why you want to be a CRNA, etc etc. Did anyone else on here find out yet if they got accepted or not?
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    Congratulations on the acceptance!!

    I was wondering if the personal interview is clinical based, such as a verbal CCRN or more personality/experience questions?

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    Congrats to getting in. I also was accepted into the Class of 2013.
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    hey! did anyone purchase the textbooks yet? or were you able to find them as free PDF files?? Thanks!
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    To those of you who got accepted for 2013...Does this mean they have already selected the students for 2012? I have applied for 2012 and have not heard anything with regards to an interview... Thanks is advance!
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    At jojieblue- she is referring to the graduating class of 2013. Have you been selected for an interview?