How's everyone's semester going?

  1. It's so nice to have our own forum! I wanted to help get this forum started. I'm in my first semester of a front-loaded program; it's really flying by! I'm loving my classes and my fellow SRNAs. I'm in a smaller program and we've become a really tight-knit group. I'm loving my classes but trying to figure out how I'm going to learn everything I need to learn!

    How's everyone's semester going, especially my fellow first-semester SRNAs? How do you like your classes? What are you finding most difficult? Most interesting? To those of you graduating soon, do you have any words of wisdom for those of us just starting out?

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  3. by   zozzy777
    This was my first semester too. We have been in the OR since week 2. I love it! I can't imagine doing anything else! It is definitely stressful, but so much fun!!! During Christmas break our clinicals go to 5 days a week. I am looking forward to it. Right now we are 2 days a week. I hope everyone has had a great first semester!!
  4. by   hkwrn
    I can hardly believe that this semester (My first) is at its end! It has bee intense and incredible all at the same time! I feel so lucky to be with a great group of people!!! We get to start in the OR next semester, I can hardly wait!!!
  5. by   gking407
    Finishing the first year but it feels like 5. The first 250 cases were the hardest! Just kidding. Feeling good about the decision to pursue anesthesia, hopefully I'll still feel that way at graduation. As a bonus, I've lost ten pounds since we began clinicals five days a week with the occasional Saturday thrown in for laughs!
  6. by   HillaryC
    It's so nice to hear how people are doing. I'm especially encouraged to hear of someone losing weight during clinicals, because I (as well as several of my classmates) have gained 5 or 6 pounds this first semester; hopefully it will start to come off once I'm spending all my time in the OR

  7. by   FlGasman
    im tired. nuff said,1st year almost down. need sleep . zzzzzzzzz
  8. by   mmc-rockstar
    1st semester done!!!!! I think they give us a nice big break over Christmas so that we will forget what that was like and actually show up in January (with a big fat tuition check in hand). Did anyone else feel weird their first day off like...."now what do I do?"...
  9. by   zozzy777
    I am so jealous you get a day off. We don't! Once the semester was over, our lclinicals went from 2 days a week to 5 days a week over Christmas. And I agree with the others, I am soooooooo tired! Still love it though and would never go back to bedside nursing! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!!!:spin:
  10. by   chrissyRN
    So glad to hear from first semester survivers! I am starting Barry in Jan, CANT WAIT! So 2 more weeks till I am in your shoes. Any advice? Happy Holidays!
  11. by   Hold'emRN
    SLEEP! This will be the hardest thing you ever do! It seems like you never have any time to rest. You will find out that getting into school is the easiest part of anesthesia school. It is well worth it though!

    Good Luck!
  12. by   zozzy777
    Today i did a AAA repair and even though it is a little advanced for my first semester of anesthesia school, I had a blast! Intubated, artline and my first central line! I loved every minute of it and the case was so interesting! I can say, it is all worth the pain and torture!!