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I want to know if there is anybody who went through MSU interview??? Im scheduled to have one in Sept. !!! ANy tips please help. thanks.... Read More

  1. by   singh1981
    Thanks for your reply. I had gone to the springfield to take my NCLEX and had a talk with the program director. He said that among all the students they have in the program so far, only 10% of them were with one year experience. So I am thinking that there is a hope. I am planning to have interview with them for either august 2008 or January 2009 classes. Can I ask you that which class had you applied for? Do you have any suggestion what about any other universities where I should apply with a one year experince.
  2. by   AR_ICU_RN
    Quote from singh1981
    Can I ask you that which class had you applied for? Do you have any suggestion what about any other universities where I should apply with a one year experince.
    I applied for the august 2008 class, didn't get in, then applied for the Jan. 2008 class, and got in, class starts Jan. 14th!
    As for other programs, i can only tell you about what me and my friends applied for. Being that I work in Little Rock, AR, all my nurse friends who applied for CRNA school, except for one, all applied to either TX Wes. or Arkansas State. Most of them applied after their first year was over, so they had more like 1 1/2 or 2 years, or more. I do know that one nurse friend got into Arkansas State with just a year....but they are already taking apps for Jan. 2009, so you may want to get in touch with them and see. The other nurse friend is at MSU, he started this past August.
    Hope this helped. Good luck with your career.
  3. by   singh1981
    Thanks a lot. Arkansas state university won't accept my application because I have my bachelor's in engineering and they require BSN. I would probably try in university of pittsburgh and university of southern california. they had told me that they have some students in the classes with one year experience but their tuition is outrageous. If I get in the MSU, I would see you there.
  4. by   Fish O<
    My husband is also starting at MSU in January. He applied for the Jan 07 class and didn't get an interview. At the time he had 1.5 years experience (not all full time) and his Bachelors degree wasn't official until after the interview deadline. Then he applied for the Aug 07 class. He had 2 years experience when he applied for that class and again he did not get an interview. Then he applied for the Jan 08 class with 2.5 years experience he got an interview and was accepted. So, he will just start one year later then we planned. He never applied anywhere else. He looked at Arkansas too, but he also couldn't go there because he doesn't have a BSN. His bachelors is just in general study. He also looked at Wichita, it is only a 24 month program. He decided not to apply there b/c we have a small family and we needed health insurance and MSU provides it. We also already owned our house in Spfld and so we were not excited about moving anywhere.
  5. by   singh1981
    although my experience is not great, I am gonna try with my GRE acore and GPA. I am wondering about the people who got accepted with many years of experience, what was there GRE and GPA. Director at MSU told me that they make their decision based on three categories " experience,GRE, and GPA". I am thinking that my GPA and GRE may compensate for my experience.
  6. by   Fish O<
    My husband's GPA was 3.9 and his GRE was 1170. So I think you have a good shot. He did take one of the courses in MSU's anesthesia program while he was applying and got an A, so that may have helped.
  7. by   singh1981
    Thanks for the info. I cannot take that class probably because I live far from the springfield. I would just go ahead and try.
  8. by   sirJazz
    hi there guys! congratulations for those who made it to anesthesia school. im 26 yrs old, earned my bsn in the philippines, have a gpa of 3.04, and a graduate gpa of 4.0 in advanced pathophysiology (3 credits). i don't have a solid gre since i messed up pretty bad on the english part (english is not my 1st language) but did great on the math portion. my toefl scores did some justice though 108/120. i have a 6 month pacu and a solid 2 year micu/ccu experience, and i also was a volunteer er nurse for a month before everything else. most of all i've earned my ccrn-cmc titles under my belt in just my 2 years of critical care. i applied to vcu (virginiacommonwealthuniversity) and they called me for an interview next month, dec 6, 2007. i'm much humbled because i really did not expect to be even called for an interview given my gre and gpa scores. i am very anxious, i don't know what to expect. i don't know if i have a shot at this but what the heck if it's my time then it's my time. if there is anyone there from vcu who could give me advice or anyone who could give me some tips on the interview i would gladly appreciate it. one more thing... what did you guys say when they asked about your weaknesses? good luck to all of us!
  9. by   singh1981
    I got accepted in Missouri State University and starting in August. Can someone help me telling if I need to start studying in advance. If yes then what is the hardest class?