GREs--Question re studying

  1. I take my GREs on Tuesday!! I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about which area I should concentrate on in my final hours of studying. I am guessing the schools look at the quantitative scores more heavily than the verbal, but I am not sure. In addition, how much emphasis do they put on the analytical writing section?

    I have been taking a lot of practice exams and have an estimate of what my scores will be. However, I don't know how closely the practice exams parallel the real GRE since they don't modify the difficulty of questions given based on how you have answered the previous questions. Does anyone have any experience with how their practice exam scores compared with their actual GRE scores? Thanks in advance!!!
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  3. by   romie
    In your last days of studying, I would focus on the quantitive concepts of mean, mode and median--absolutely get them straight in your head because you will be asked at least three questions about them.
  4. by   tnd511
    I just took it, see my post "now what???". The practice test scores were actually lower than what I received on the actual test. I am still waiting on my essay scores.

    I would spend time working on time management. The reason that I didn't do very well on the analytical is because I ran out of time. I answered about 6 questions with "C", UGH!

    Good Luck and just try and relax!
  5. by   DrugReptoNurse
    Using Kaplan's course I normally received around a 1000 to 1080 taking practice exams. When I took my actual GRE I received a 1200 and a 4.5 on the essays.

    I would spend time studying geometry. I seem to remember a boat load of questions on that subject.

    Good luck.