Going to UAB on probation? Read This!

  1. If you are interviewing at UAB soon and get accepted....good on ya! DO NOT start on probation. Retake the GRE/MAT as many times as you have to so you don't have that probation cloud over your head. WHY? You will have Gross Anatomy (4 hr class that will take up up to 20h/week) and Med Phys (5hr) along with some other tough classes in the first semester. If you don't make a 3.0 that semester your'e gone....Skeptics of this post can ask the 2009 class and see for themselves. FOAIO!!! 1 down 6 to go!!
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  3. by   RN1980
    that stinks, on probation before the dang program even starts.
  4. by   squrrldog
    This does stink. I have known a couple of people that went in under probation and they did fine. I know you have a cloud over you, but at least you get in. It is a good idea to retake the MAT/GRE so you will not have to start on probation. Good luck to all.
  5. by   RN1980
    mat/gre shows nothing of the ability,willingness and outright desire of a individual to study and learn anesthesia.
  6. by   squrrldog
    I applied to UAB. I did ok on the MAT, but did not meet the minimum requirements. So therefore if I get accepted I will be on probation, even though I have a Masters in Nursing. I believe it is a graduate school requirement, not so much the CRNA Program requirement. You are right RN1980 the tests do now show your ability to perform in school or in real life.
  7. by   picurn112
    Ditto on the probation thing. It's just another added stressor that you do not need. I went in on probation...was sweating it until this morning when finals for our two hardest classes were posted. if I had to do it over again, I would have definately taken the GRE/MAT over again. On that note...BAMA..aren't you supposed to be studying??!!
  8. by   BAMACCRN
    Picu.......I'm using the force!!!!
  9. by   glhrn
    Ah, yes PICU, but all is well with the world and tomorrow night we will let everyone know it!!! Does it surprise you that I am up at this time??? And yes, may the force be with us tomorrow come 3 PM However, the OP is correct. I was lucky enough to not be on prob, but there are many who are and it has been a challenge! They were not joking about anatomy... Although med-phys is a 5 hr course I didn't think it was too bad; however, pharmacology--not so fun!! And then there are the ever so popular professional aspects and biochem classes...It is definitely doable and I am glad they decided to move anatomy to the first semester--will make coming back after the holidays much better!! Do try and make the cut off for the GRE/MAT if at all possible--you will be in a much happier place!!
  10. by   AdonaiLoveable
    What are the minimum GRE or MAT requirements to enter without being on probabtion?
  11. by   picurn112
    BAMA...was the force with you today at 3pm...sure wasn't with a lot of us. BTW did you ask Santa for a razor???