Erlanger Acceptance Letter

  1. Hi All,

    I am so excited! I just got my letter of acceptance from the Erlanger program. I was very suprised to hear back so soon since we just had interviews a week ago. Has anyone else heard the good news yet? Just wanted to say thanks to all the supportive people on this board, it really helps those of us who have the goal of anesthesia school.

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  3. by   endorphinrush
    I interviewed there but they told us that we wouldnt hear until after Thanksgiving or mayb eeven first of Dec the day I applied. However, I rec'd an acceptance from UAB so even if I get one from there, I'll decline. Congrats tho, I am very ahppy for you. Thats awesome.
  4. by   endorphinrush
    Tenn, my Erlanger letter just arrived. Made alternate. Good thing I got in elsewhere! I like how they worded it though. I made alternate but last year they took several from the alternate list so I should "plan appropriately." I have, I have! Good luck in school.
  5. by   TennRN2004
    Congratulations to you too endorphin. Doesn't it finally feel good to know you're in and be done with the waiting and worrying about the whole interview process? When does your program at UAB start?
  6. by   endorphinrush
    UAB starts at the end of August. 27 month program. And yes it is a HUGE relief. I had two "5 year plans" for myself. One was.........just in case I dont make it lol. Now I know which to go with May sound crazy but I think I want to teach later on
  7. by   oneprice
    Hi There,
    I got my letter last week. Erlanger was my first choice.