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  1. I was wondering if some of you that are in school or have finished school could give me your opinion regarding the distance I will be traveling to and from school. I will be attending a school that is 50-60 minutes away from our home. We own a home and are trying to decide whether to stay here or move to a location somewhere between school and home (my wife works here). Our family and friends are in our hometown and we like our house, but I am worrying that once I start school, I will regret not moving closer. My wife and I have been discussing this daily and are having a difficult time reaching a decision. Move or stay put? Any thoughts will be appreciated. Thank you.

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  3. by   AdonaiLoveable
    This sounds like a decision you may be able to postpone. For example, why not commit to staying in your current home and doing the long commute for a semester before deciding what to do about your living arrangements. You might find that doing the commute is doable especially if you can find a way to make the long drive productive (such as taping your lectures or getting your textbooks on tape and listening to them on your drive). You could maybe budget for a hotel stays on the nights before exams so that you don't have to drive in on test days. You might also consider where the clinical locations for your program are. Sometimes they can be spread out over a large area and keeping your current home during the clinical portion of your program may not be much different than having a home near the school.

    Congratulations on getting in to your program!

  4. by   SCtransplant
    Where can you find nursing textbooks on tape/cd/digital audio???????
  5. by   Keepstanding
    A 50-60 minute commute is really not that long to tell you the truth. You will find that by using this time to listen to your taped notes will help you out tremendously.
    You will apprecite the quiet devoted time to your studies while you are held captive in the car. It won't be so bad really. I did it for years and it was not that rough.
    You will only be in school for a brief time really and it will go by fast.
    Good luck !

  6. by   japaho41
    I think one of the biggest things you need to consider is where will your clinical rotations be. Your trip is two hours per day or 10 hours per week, which is significant and an added stress. If you decide not to move definately record your lectures and listen to them while driving. You should also consider if you get together with your study group on the weekend you could be making that trip 7 days.