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Hi, when i finally immigrate i want to become a CRNA, what is the actual difference between these two professions. Clearly, i know that the Anesthesiologist is a qualified MD. Has anybody ever gone... Read More

  1. by   Nurse2BMonique21
    hi all, thanks for your replies, its been a little while since i checked this thread i work as a care assistant part time, but i lifted the patient in the wrong way and have severely brusied my l1 lumbar spine. Heavily sedated on diazepam, drugged to the eyeballs is an understatement!!...bk on thread..fftopic:I get the impression, some people did not like my comment about pride. I never made that comment to intentionally degrade this career, as im strongly considering the career choice myself. I think what i was trying to say is i dont want to feel like im doing exactly the same job as an MD, but they just get paid more, and im not quite sure what the career progression is for a CRNA. I was talking entirely about my own thoughts and perceptions and nobody elses and i respect everyones choice to go into this program. Im only 20 years old and i clearly dont know everything and i wrote this thread with the intention that i may be able to get some words of wisdom.
  2. by   skipaway
    We do, do the same job and CRNAs do get paid less. Something you'll have to decide for yourself if it's important to you.