CRNA shadowing in Austin ?

  1. Hello Everyone,

    Like a lot of people, I'm currently looking to advance my nursing career by pursing a degree into a crna program. I pretty much have everything done on my list (CCRN, GRE, recommedations, and 2 years of ICU experience). I was wondering if anyone can give me an insight on how they were able to shadow a CRNA or if in the Austin, TX region any leads to shadow one. I know it may not be requirement for all schools, but I would like to give myself the best chance into getting into a program. Thanks to anyone who reads this and can provide any useful information. I'm wiling to share any tips in passing the CCRN or any other questions about myself.
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    Hey jessmajek,

    I asked for my unit educator's help-- she got me in contact with the Chief CRNA at my hospital and I was able to set up a time to shadow from there.
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    Thank you so much, this means a lot to me. How would I go about setting up a shadow date, feel free to contact me anytime ( I currently work for Seton, I don't know if that helps or anything
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    Hey there! I also work for Seton. Super easy to shadow since you are already in the system. I straight up walked into the surgery dept of my hospital and asked the OR desk for contact info of the person in charge of shadowing. Never had an issue doing this way, surprisingly most people really want to help. You could also ask your educator for contact info as well. Would recommend shadowing at several sites, which is easy in Austin since CAA rotates through all hospitals, pediatric and adult. Good Luck!!
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    I just called the anesthesia department where I work and asked to shadow a CRNA. It was easier than going to a different facility where you would probably have to fill out paperwork to shadow