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  1. I had a questions about CRNA schools. Ive googled, and I just dont know waht school to even pursue. Id like to stay in state, but its my education and Im willing to move away for that. Anyone who has attended or is enrolled have any advice on school choice? I will most likely be getting a scholarship so money isnt an option(especially for anesthesia school!) Id really like some feedback. Im just trying to find a field I like. As you all probably know Im in school to be an MA right now. So Im not sure to go to RN school, get my masters in CRNA, or what!
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    one place, then look at accredited programs.
  5. by   Summitk2
    Also read through the sticky at the top of the CRNA forum. You'll learn a lot of the basics about the profession. There's a lot of school and experience you need to acquire first, which will take a few years at least, before you can consider applying to anesthesia schools. Good luck!