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    I am a senior nursing student that will be graduating with my BSN this May! I am interested in working in the ICU for a couple of years and then going back to CRNA school! My question that I have is do I have to work in the same state as the CRNA program I would like to attend? For example, the CRNA program I am interesting in attending is The University of Akron and the program requires you to have an Ohio state nursing license. Am I able to work out of the state such as Pennsylvania and then before applying to the program also obtain my Ohio license or should I work in Ohio for the couple years before entering the program? Sorry this question was wordy I just wanted to make sure I could get my point across! Thanks ahead of time for any answers!!
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  3. by   Etomidating
    Almost every program requires you to just have a nursing license in any state in the US. If you are admitted to a program they require you to get a license in that state before the program starts.
  4. by   crna2021
    No, you don't need to work in the state for which you are applying. I've been accepted to an out of state school. You will need to get your license transferred to the state where you will start school, but not until after you've been accepted.