CRNA school essay questions and how to anwer them

  1. What type of essay questions do these schools typically ask on their admission forms and how do you answer them. Give examples answers if possible
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  3. by   goof1552
    LOL - Every school is different - just do your best and if you need to take a little refresher on essay writing. If you do fine on the GRE essay portion, youll do fine with any essays the admission forms throw at you. Good luck!
  4. by   UTRN2005
    Answer the questions honestly. You will most likely be asked about your essay during your interview. If you fudge it they will know.
  5. by   jemommyRN
    I went to the website of the school I would like to attend and printed out an admission application just to see what it would be like. That way you can take your time to think about how you are going to answer the essay question and also, on the application, there are lists of different procedures that they want to know how much experience you have with each of them. You can look this over and see what you need to be focused on when getting your experience or what you need to focus on during the interview. Just my two cents.