CRNA GRE scores need encouragement

  1. I like the idea of being a CRNA, I haven't actually shadowed them yet but I like being in the OR and seem up for the challenge to being fully responsible for monitoring patients in the OR. Currently I am working in the CVICU, a year mark will be in December. I have three years total as an RN, 1 year step down CV and 1 year cardiac med surg.
    I don't plan on applying till next year. I have a 3.6 GPA BSN. I plan on taking the CCRN, which I feel with lots of studying, is completely do able.
    What worries me is the GRE. From my understanding the GRE tests you on basic principles learned in high school and middle school, in which during those times I was a really unmotivated learner. So I took a practice GRE test from Kaplan and scored 141 on quant and 143 on verbal.
    In college I actually liked and did very well in stats and chem. I am concerned as it seems really challenging to significantly increase your score on this test even with intensive review. I worry this will impact my actual ability to perform as a student in CRNA school. I am not sure if I should not even bother trying. Basically, the GRE is making me seriously question my abilities. Also, just the thought of being back in school is stressing me out but I feel if I don't go back soon that I may never. I definitely do not feel passionate enough to remain a bedside RN and feel as though this job is so physically taxing that I may even quit bedside in the next two years.
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  3. by   mindy kaling
    There are so many schools that don't require GRE. If you really want to go to CRNA school, I don't think that should stop you
  4. by   m1lkofamnesia
    Apply to a school that doesn't require GRE. Or, buy the Magoosh course. Schools typically want a combined score > 300.
  5. by   walkerrn2015
    agreed! I know Miami doesn't have the GRE, however, I had like a 299 GRE score and I was invited to interview at all the schools I applied to except one. I used the Kaplan study method and it had videos and also an in person lesson plan. I really liked it, but I heard awesome things about Magoosh and I may have tried that if I had to take it a second time. Good luck!!!! With a little practice im sure the GRE would be doable, it was for me! your other stats are great