Columbia University CRNA 2013 - page 2

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  1. by   VasoactiveRN
    waitlisted, havnt heard anything yet.
  2. by   picusam
    What type of ICU experience does everyone have? Any PICU? And how many years?
  3. by   saneef
    when is the deposit deadline?
  4. by   SRNAColumbia2015
    I applied to University of Maryland, UMDNJ and Columbia. I have 1.5 years of Neuro ICU and 0.5 years of SICU experience.

    Deposit deadline for Columbia is February 1, 2013, 4 pm eastern standard time.

    Good Luck to everyone on the wait list!
  5. by   VasoactiveRN
    Thanx for the info.
  6. by   VasoactiveRN
    Has anyone on the waitlist heard anything yet?
  7. by   LauraFutureNP
    Hi everyone!

    Could the people who got in or got wait listed please share what their GPA, GRE scores, and ICU experience were? I would really appreciate it!!

  8. by   carpekimmy
    feb 1 2013
  9. by   ChiefOG
    Wow. I really don't miss this. Good Luck everyone! Columbia was a great experience! It will open a lot of doors.
  10. by   saneef
    any updates? still on wait list. they're in the process of making final decisions soon. thanks
  11. by   umdgrad
    hi! sorry to restart this thread but for anyone attending columbia now (or graduated from it...) mind answering a few questions to an upcoming student? i will be attending in may 2015! please and thanks!