Columbia Interview!!!!

  1. Hello all. I just scheduled my interview with Columbia for admission to their Nurse Anesthesia program! I understand they only recently began including personal interviews in their admission process. Does anyone have any familiarity with their interview process (clinical or personal questions) or advice they could offer? Much appreciated!
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  3. by   rn91
    Two of my coworker interview last year. I was told thaty they ask personal question, easy clinical question was asked, such a swan ganz reading. Last year was the first year for interview. Good luck.
  4. by   BGRNNY
    Thanks for the info...did it work out for your collegues? I'm just hoping for the best...I appreciate the support.
  5. by   jessi78
    have you heard from the program yet? did you apply anywhere else?
  6. by   BGRNNY
    I did...I was wait-listed...too bad. I didn't apply anywhere else, this year anyway. I actually received a letter from Columbia on Feb. 2nd notifying me...If there is an opening and I'm accepted I'll find out by the 21st of Feb. How about yourself?
  7. by   jessi78
    I applied to Columbia and UMDNJ Newark (I live in NJ). I was accepted into Columbia and I'm waiting to hear back from UMDNJ. I hope you hear some good news this week. Keep me posted. I know applications are a huge headache, but have you looked into SUNY- Downstate's program? Their deadline is March 1st. What is your nursing background?
  8. by   BGRNNY
    RN, BSN, graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh. 4 years of OR exp. and only 1 in ICU, this was a big sticking point during my interview...How about yourself?
  9. by   jessi78
    RN, neonatal CCRN, and BSN from The College of NJ (Trenton State); I worked in 3 NICUs over the course of 3.5 years and 1 year of PICU. Initially I was really concerned about getting into programs without adult ICU experience. I went from NICU to PICU which I felt really helped me. The patients we see range in age from 0 to 23, even 24 on a rare occasion. I'm so glad I made the switch, although I missed my little peanuts, because I have already learned so much. Without my PICU experience I don't know how great a chance I would have had getting accepted there.
  10. by   CoCRNA
    Good luck I hope you get Columbia, I don't think your experience is that bad, it's more than what I have, I only have one year of ICU as RN and I was accepted for June 06.
    Hope to see you at Columbia.:spin:
  11. by   Toby's mum

    I was wondering given your background whether you are thinking of specializing in pediatrics as a CRNA?
  12. by   jessi78
    Sorry for the delay in the reply - just got back from vacation - probably my last one for awhile. I would absolutely love to specialize in pediatrics, but I want to keep an open mind. I know that once I begin my clinical rotations, I may really enjoy working with a completely different population. For instance, one of my old NICU friends will be graduating from Barry this May, and she really enjoyed her OB rotation, so you just never know where we'll end up.

    Quote from Toby's mum

    I was wondering given your background whether you are thinking of specializing in pediatrics as a CRNA?