Columbia CRNA 2019

  1. Hey, I applied to Columbia University for the 2019 CRNA program. Seeing who else had applied and what they have hard so far about interviews or content of the interviews. Thanks!
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  3. by   NurseKrunch
    I am also interested in their CRNA program , but i need to get ICU experience, which i will get when i transfer mid-may next year. If you do not mind me asking what are your credentials ? How many years of icu experience do you have? Do you recommend becoming charge nurse or a preceptor if your not good in leadership roles?
  4. by   SICURNNN
    I just finished my application. Do you know when interview invites are going out? When interviews are?? Any other details?
  5. by   seattlestpete
    Last year's interviews were the first week of November. I haven't seen anything about this year's dates or when notification would be.
  6. by   HelloCCRN
    Applied too. They need to update their website though cause until now, their interview dates are still for 2017.
  7. by   Legagpd
    I'm applying next year. I know there are 2 essays required. What did they ask you guys to write about? I'm trying to start preparing my essays as soon as possible.
  8. by   SICURNNN
    Has anyone been offered an interview yet?
  9. by   seattlestpete
    Not as of today, no.
  10. by   jake8188
    I applied as well for 2019 and I haven't heard anything about an interview.

    The dates are 14,15,29,30 and they interview 70 for 30 spots.

    Does anyone know how many applied?
  11. by   renmorbro
    I also applied for 2019 , and am yet to receive an interview. I Guess I was not selected.
  12. by   Aj518
    Has anyone heard anything yet. I applied as well, but I know it was a long shot... I only have 1 year of ICU experience:-(. If anyone get a interview call, please be sure to let us know
  13. by   Shmrn
    Nothing yet here either! Has anyone been offered an interview from this round of applicants?
  14. by   jake8188
    I haven't heard anything either. I emailed them but no response