1. Has anyone applied for the CMC/UNCC CRNA program for Fall 2018?

    Just got an email saying they will be reviewing applications and should know about interview selection by October 6th.


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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Moved to SRNA forum
  4. by   CCRN21
    You have some great stats. I am hoping to have my application complete by the second round. Keep us updated, I'm sure you will get an interview.
  5. by   STICU_RN
    Got an interview invite!
  6. by   CRNAprospect
  7. by   FrmrArch
    Has anyone heard if they have been accepted yet??
  8. by   cardiacxo
    Nope but waiting on a response
  9. by   CCRN21
    When can you guys expect to hear?
  10. by   lmckrn
    I interviewed last Saturday and was told we would hear between 7-10 days via email AND letter. I am hoping to hear within the next few days, but I am growing extrememly impatient!
  11. by   ICUheartRN
    Same here. I haven't heard anything yet. I interviewed last Friday. Super anxious.
  12. by   lmckrn
    Everybody still waiting??
  13. by   ICUheartRN
    Yes. Still waiting.
  14. by   lyndsey08
    I️ got my acceptance email Friday afternoon!