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  1. I started CRNA school at Clarkson College last week. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask!
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  3. by   icuCCRNurse
    Congratulations! Clarkson is my number one choice! The deadline was last week for next year start. I'm hoping to get an interview. How was the process for you?
  4. by   emb92250
    It was very relaxed compared to some other schools. And I think in the interview they are mostly looking for students with strong personalities that are flexible and sure of themselves (CONFIDENCE!!). Not necessarily clinical knowledge, they'll teach you what you need to know! But do know their program specifics (i.e. it's 12 months didactic, partnered with UNMC, etc) and ask questions if you need program specifics clarified. Know WHY you want to be a CRNA (think beyond financial stability) and specifically WHY you would rather go to Clarkson than any other school.

    The interviews will happen over the course of a few days, and they will call within two weeks if you are selected. If not selected, you may be waitlisted (that's what happened to me) via email. Just let them know if you want to stay on the waitlist or be taken off (i.e. no longer considering Clarkson). It took about 3-4 weeks for a position to become available to me off the waitlist.

    Our class this year is about 50% from Omaha, 50% from elsewhere. The class size is increasing too, from 12 to 15 due to Nebraska begging for more CRNAs.
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    emb92250, sent you a PM!
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    Hey everyone! I just applied to Clarkson College!
    I have been a Neuro ICU nurse for two years and just started applying for schools this fall for next year start dates. I have 5 years of OR experience as a surgical technologist, assistant, and circulating nurse. I worked full time in the OR during my BSN, therefore my stats are not where I'd like them to be. I am very confident in my ability and will be retaking a couple science courses to boost my GPA. I just received a rejection letter from National University, which was the first school I applied to. My stats are listed below. Has anyone had any luck with interviews for schools with lower GPAs?
    BSN 3.1
    Science 3.2
    2 years ICU
    5 years OR (tech)

    Thanks everyone!
  7. by   emb92250
    Not too sound harsh, but you have done the bare minimum as far as prerequisites go for CRNA school. If you are granted an interview, that will be your time to shine. Clarkson is more about getting to know YOU and not necessarily what you know. Have you shadowed CRNA(S)? Shadowing one let's you know what you are getting into. Shadowing more than one shows your dedication and enthusiasm for the field. There are a few CRNAs who put the time into school and figured out early in their career that it wasn't for them. Even working in the OR, I would recommend having conversations and shadow CRNAs where you can ask questions. Because not all CRNAs stay in the OR.
  8. by   Zlndr23
    Thanks for the feedback. I have had the opportunity to shadow and take part in many cases throughout my time in the OR, which has led me to applying. What would you recommend as increasing my chances, as you mentioned I have done the bare minimum. I already plan on increasing my science GPA.
  9. by   emb92250
    I think the dedicated shadowing of a CRNA is great. Mentioning that you worked in the OR for 5 years is ok because it says you know OR rhythm, but those skills don't translate into CRNA skills so I wouldn't linger too much on that. Make sure to really emphasize and be confident in your ICU knowledge. They are looking for expert ICU nurses to turn into CRNAs. The best way of doing that is getting a certification, like CCRN or TNCC. As far as grades, if you get an interview before retaking them, make sure you know WHY they were lower. It's ok to say you were working too much to study as much as you'd like. Of course, the follow up question would be if you plan on working during CRNA school. And you can say through your undergrad experience, you've learned your lesson and you would not. Another follow up question would ask if you felt financially stable giving up work for 2.5 years.

    If you don't get an interview, in addition to retaking classes, I would suggest getting into a cardiovascular ICU because they work more with hemodynamics. Next to airway management, CRNA is all about hemodynamics management. (As a side note, that's why your OR experience isn't a strong asset to your application- you didn't manage the ABCs of the patient. It's not bad, but it's not strong experience either) You of course are required to have ACLS PALS and BLS certification as part of your application, but if you don't get selected to interview this first time, you could consider working in a NICU or, preferably, PICU. Basically, if not picked for an interview this time, make a drastic change to improve your application and reapply next year. This not only shows persistence, but also drive.
  10. by   Zlndr23
    Thank you very much again for the feedback. I understand 100% that the OR does not do much besides getting a better grasp on the pace and surroundings, which is why I immediately left, post BSN. I completed my CCRN last month and have actually thought about transferring to the MICU after this round of applications.. if things don't go as I'd like. I actually did work full time which hurt my GPA and I'd be explaining that if I was interviewed. There would be no way I'd even attempt to work during school again, just to have a clear mind and focus.
  11. by   bot4apris
    Congratulations! I hope to be attending Fall of 2019. I just visited the campus two weeks ago, so I'm fresh out of questions, but I'll be following this thread. Best wishes!
  12. by   ORRN4345
    Do you know what the board pass rate is for this year (2017) at Clarkson? Their website has the last few years, but I can't find this year.
  13. by   DreameRN
    I called yesterday to see if they had a time frame for interviews, and the admissions guy said it would probably be at least another week before you hear if you got one.
  14. by   emb92250
    We just got told the interview dates and times, as members of the didactic phase and clinical phase will be present before you interview. The general set up is this: you come about half an hour before your interview into a sort of reception area (it's actually our classroom- where all the magic happens!). There you will fill out some forms (I don't remember exactly what, but for sure they have you list clinical site preferences, which is EXCITING!!). This is also meant to be a time for you to ask any question you may have for current students. Don't be shy! I got a lot of good info when I interviewed from these students! And I think it is something unique about Clarkson's process. When the panel of interviewers are ready, they will communicate with the students in the room and one will escort you upstairs. There, you interview (but relax, it's really just your time to shine!!). When you are done, you can either leave or go back and hang out with the students a bit.

    They are interviewing about 40 applicants over 4 days for a total of 15 spots. VERY COMPETITIVE YOU GUYS!! The interviews will be Oct 11-14. Interviews for Oct 11, 12, 13th will run from 11:30a to 5:30p, Oct 14th will run from 8:00a to 2:30p
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