CCRN-CMC/CSC subspecialization

  1. Anyone have any experience with the CCRN cardiac medicine/surgery subspecialty exams? I am already CCRN certified and am considering sitting for the CMC exam before applying to anesthesia school. AACN sells a study pack of CDs, but I wanted input before taking the dive. Thoughts or experiences?

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  3. by   japaho41
    I am CCRN as well, I think you are on the right track adding it prior to applying to school. Some will tell that it really doesn't count for much in reference to CRNA school. However, it was acknowledged by the interview panel in my interview. I look at it like this, a few may have CCRN, even less the sub spec., so whatever you may have over and above your competition is your advantange. Good luck.
  4. by   yanka12
    I agree. Getting mine was the best thing I could do to help me get in. By the time I interviewed I had RN,CCRN,RT. Getting CCRN definately made me more comfortable. I was thinking about CMC but I heared it is even harder than CCRN...well,not that it'll stop me,just have to study longer.
    Good luck to you!