Case Western CRNA interviews for 2011 - page 7

Hello, Wondering if anyone else has received a letter from Case stating that they will be contacting them in the future to schedule an interview with their anesthesia dept for the class starting... Read More

  1. by   westbury
    Is the CCRN an unwritten requirement for acceptance?
  2. by   Cvicu
    I would say most of my classmates do have the CCRN. If you don't, at least tell them in the interview you are studying to take it and have your test date scheduled. It's not that you won't get in without it but having it can't hurt you, go take it and prove you will do anything for this acceptance!!
  3. by   WildflowerRN
    Has anyone interviewed for Case Western this year? Any info is greatly appreciated!
  4. by   workingforaliving
    I have an interview coming up for Case in a couple weeks (alternate). Anyone have any advice on how the interviews went this year? Clinical or math questions?