BSN student that wants to go to CRNA school

  1. A friend of mine started CRNA school this past august and told me about this site, lots of great info in here. I am currently in nursing school. I work as a tech in surgical ICU (most of our cases are CV, usually several CABG's per week) I am also a medic in the Air Force reserves. I have my BS in Biology with a minor in chemistry. My overall GPA is 3.4 right now, still have one year of nursing school left. I plan on taking the GRE next summer to get that out of the way. I have been in touch with the critical care educator at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas. They hire new grads into the CVICU.

    At my job in SICU, I try to learn everything I can about the patients. I am learning about the vents, Swan-Ganz caths, art-lines, all the drugs. Tons of info to learn. I previously worked in telemetry for several years, so I have some experience with all the cardiac monitoring.

    What else can I be doing now to try and be as competitive as possible when I am ready to apply to CRNA school.


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    It sounds as though your on the right track now--and the SICU is great experience, both the SICU and CVICU would be great experience as an RN.

    Besides getting great ICU experience, grades and GRE scores, try to shadow a CRNA. This could give you an even a better idea about the job, and make sure it is what you want. Also make sure you can get great letters of recommendation.
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    Welcome aboard, and best wishes to you in your studies.