Best computer for CRNA school?

  1. Hi, I'll be starting a DNP CRNA school in the summer and I'm looking for opinions on what the best laptop or tablet would be for the program. Seems the threads are very outdated. I've heard the MacBook Air is good or iPad, but what about the Surface? It seems convenient to draw on notes and slides. Thanks!
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  3. by   PresG33
    Lenovo Thinkpad 13. Less than half the price of a Mac and more user friendly. Also, usually best to make sure you have Microsoft Office because a lot of the Mac programs for writing and slideshows are a pain to cross over to Word and PowerPoint which are the format of most of the material in school. Also, use the money you save on the computer to buy a really good recorder, record lectures, and listen to them while you're driving or working out... great way to add more study time to your day.
  4. by   Bluebolt
    A lot of people use a Macbook Pro or Air supplemented with an Ipad at times. A couple others use the Microsoft Surface Pro. A reliable laptop is really the only requirement, I wouldn't say any particular brand is going to make an exceptional difference. Recording lectures and listening to them again could be vital though, a device to record them would be a good idea.
  5. by   offlabel
    Like most "either or" choices in doesn't matter. Kinda like a DNP. Just get one.
  6. by   Nursearmy
    Thanks! Good advice