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I have an interview with Barry University in Florida on May 11, 2009 for their CRNA program and I am extremely nervous and I really do not know what to expect. Has anyone gone through the interview... Read More

  1. by   schmandy12
    Good luck a week from monday at the interview!!!!! I go a month from today!!
  2. by   Nancy C.
    Hi, here is the info. I want to share with you about today's interview in Barry. Basically, nothing worth stressful. Directors are very friendly. Questions are generic, like "why you want to be CRNAs?" Test is very easy. Because I have taken organic chem I and II, I have no problems with that. One of the questions is about the organic nomenclature. How to name a organic compound something like that. Just relax, be yourself, and you will be absolutely OK. - nancy
  3. by   schmandy12
    That's awesome! I'm so excited it went well for you! I'm in o-chem right now so it's definitely fresh!! I have everything lined up to go...air, hotel, car! Did you interview in Miami? Did they say if any of the satellite locations were already full?

    Thanks! amanda
  4. by   Nancy C.

    It looks like they still have spots available in Orlando, Tampa, and Miami. Do you have any preference? I chose Orlando because it will be much closer to church. (I am living somewhere between Tampa and Orlando). Where are you coming from? I received an email from them on the 2nd day that I am admitted to the program. I am hoping that I will see you in the class too. Just relax, you will be OK. Please plan plenty of time to drive to the campus because there were 2 nurses showing up one hour late because of the construction on I-95. I seldom check allnurses forum and sometimes the notification of thread will go to the Junk Mail. Let me know the interview's outcome.
    Good luck, keep in touch - Nancy
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  5. by   schmandy12
    Anyone have any last minute advice for the's in 48hrs!!!! YAY!
  6. by   Nancy C.
    Hey, Good to know you are prepared in Miami! Last minute advice? Simple, go to bed earlier and dress nicely. Tell yourself that you CAN DO it!!!! Let me know the outcome. OK! I am looking forward to hearing your GOOD news!! - Nancy
  7. by   jmcintosh
    Have you had your interview? I am scheduled to go on Feb. 1st. Please provide me with any information you have.

  8. by   Nancy C.
    I already am in the class now. They will give you a chemistry test and something about critical care quiz + interview. Very informal. Take it easy.
  9. by   jmcintosh
    My interview with Barry is Feb. 1st. Can you remember any questions from the quiz they required you to take? You can email me at
  10. by   vecoroniumlady
    hi guys.. thank you for this thread, very informative. yet am still nervous. i will have my interview on august 2 which is monday. i keep on reviewing my chemistry since the last time i had one was 6 years ago. any tips on how to prepare my self? help... heres my email add