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Anyone out there have any advice for the program and interview on Union in Tennessee?? Can anyone tell me what the program is like???:idea: Thanks in advance for replying!!!... Read More

  1. by   ccu2004
    Quote from sleepless1
    Congratulations to those of you who were accepted to Union. Im in the program here and I love it. I couldnt have made a better decision about anesthesia school. Hit me up if any of you have any questions.
    i am applying to union this fall, what do i need 2 expect? what about my interview?
  2. by   sleepless1
    Application deadline is in May and Interviews arent until June, so you have a long time. What you can expect from Union is fairness. There will also probably be more and more competition as time goes by. The anesthesia faculty is top notch and want students to succeed. It is a great new program and i would recommend taking steps to be as competitive as possible. CCRN, ACLS instructor, experience, great science grades, well rounded and down to earth with lots of motivation.