anyone worried about where first job will be?

  1. After reading some posts on this site I realized I always assumed that I would be able to get a job within commutable distance as my first CRNA position. I figured I would be out of money and not be able to move my family a far distance in order to start work. Looking around gaswork it seems that maybe there won't be jobs around. Availability in positions near my school choices won't be plentiful-which I suppose makes sense as the new grads are taking positions as well in all the years before me.

    Is anyone worried that they will have to move for their first job?

    Is anyone expecting to be able to work locally for a few years and getting further experience before going rural or moving away? (as well as start paying down loans!)

    Maybe another move is something I need to try to save for now too!

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  3. by   manusko
    I believe that you need to go into anesthesia school with the attitude that you will work where you can. I like many others are open to working in the best fit for us and with the hope that we will find the absolute ideal job after gaining experience.
  4. by   duluthrn
    I have the same thoughts and fears as the OP. Ideally, I would like to stay in the area for a couple years after school is done (put down roots, get some intense Level 1 Trauma Center experience, etc) before moving to a rural practice. However, there is not a plethora of CRNA jobs right now. While I was shadowing, I was told many students are "absorbed" by hospitals during their rotations and have jobs lined up before school is finished. Current students and recent grads, please chime and share your experiences. Do many students have job offers before school is finished? Are they in the areas you wanted? Thanks for starting this post missnurse01!
  5. by   Eiano
    I'm ready to go wherever. Although I do have a few "top choices" they, unfortunately, are the nation's CRNA top choices and they rarely have openings.
  6. by   missnurse01
    duluthrn I believe you are going to one of the schools I am applying to!

    Hoping more people chime in...