Anyone have a "freak-out" moment?

  1. Hi all!

    Yesterday was my last day of work. I will be starting CRNA school in January and am taking the time between now and then to relocate, get settled, and spend a little bit of time with my family before the grueling life of a SRNA begins.

    After being excited about that final day, I almost had a breakdown after clocking out yesterday. I'm moving, going to be living with someone I don't really know, I won't have an income for the next 2.5 years, I'm going into debt with loans, my relationship is questionable d/t relocation, and I'm starting a highly challenging program all at the same time.

    So my question is - has anyone else had this "freak-out" moment? And how did you get over it? It seems that no one can really understand where I'm coming from so I'm here hoping I'm not alone in this.

    Any input/advice is much appreciated!!!

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  3. by   ready4crna?
    Welcome to anesthesia.
    I quit my job, moved my wife/child 1500 miles away from our support system, Have not worked since july and had a couple of "freak outs" since school started. I know that nearly everyone had some jitters at least. You are not alone and know that there are others that are probably even more unsure of thier decision- (see the Wolford thread.)
    Enjoy the time with your family and exploring the area around the school, you will probably never see it or them again once school starts .(slightly exaggerating.)
    Advice for getting over "freak outs"- Suit up, show up, and play. Every day will present it's own problems, so just deal with that day and above all- Stay focused on the goal: changing SRNA to CRNA.
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  4. by   misscece
    thanks ready. there are a couple of people in my class who will be leaving their families as well - i can't even imagine what that must be like. i'm glad to say that i got over it and am quite nervous/excited about all that lies before me.
  5. by   BamaCRNA2B
    Yes, I know how you feel. I just found out 2 days ago that I will be attending a program that starts January 7. I turned in my notice at work today. That one phone call changed my entire life. It's overwhelming but wonderful at the same time!
  6. by   misscece
    whoa! that's a quick turnaround. i thought i was on a timeline but i think you've got me beat. why did they wait so long to tell you? good luck - once you get past that moment, it gets quite exciting.
  7. by   shandsburnRN-CRNA
    LOL...I start my program in Janurary also and just received the last of my text books from the good ole UPS man today. I looked at the STACK, and I do me STACK, before me and thought....what the @#$& have I gotten myself into....LOL

    It's all good though, I'm excited to get started.

    Good Luck everyone!!