Anyone applying to Florida Hospital College

  1. I am curious if anyone else here is considering the FHCHS in Orlando for the upcoming Jan 2010 class???
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  3. by   wildflower rn
    i just sent my packet in. i haven't heard much about the school. its a christian college and sounds like a good place to go to school. the florida hospital is a huge place and has over 1400 beds.
  4. by   cherronmj
    I sent in my info months ago. Not sure when they will start selecting for interviews. Is there anyone who will be relocating?
  5. by   wildflower rn
    the application deadline is june 1st. not sure on the interview dates. i will be relocating if accepted.
  6. by   rubyrn36
    if I was to go....I would be relocating...
  7. by   nsna guest
    If accepted I will be having to relocate!!!
  8. by   cherronmj
    If accepted, I will relocate from Jacksonville. I will not move my family down until the second semester. Would there be anyone looking for a roommate? Has anyone come up with a plan that have families?
  9. by   rubyrn36
    I would be relocating....

    Has anybody heard anything from them yet...
    IE: interviews etc???
  10. by   ewwebb
    I just got notice that they received all of my info. If I get in I will be transferring from SC. Does anybody know if they have any off campus roommate listings or housing? I do NOT want to live on campus - been there done that. I would like to find roommates starting Feb or so. I already have a place to live for a month. I want time to meet perspective roommates and look at places - don't like the idea of finding roommates over the internet. Anyways, if anybody knows if FHCHS has off campus roommate/housing listings let me know. The school im at now has that so i figured I would ask.