Any info on FHCHS- Orlando?

  1. Anyone out there looking at going Jan 2010
    I am interested in any info anyone has on this school..their program etc...
    also anyone else who might be applying for the upcoming class...
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  3. by   cherronmj
    Did you interview at FHCHS? If so, have you heard anything back from them. I interviewed last thursday and still waiting to hear back. Just didn't know how long they took to make a decision.
  4. by   brazuca
    I GOT IN!!!! Letters are being sent out Friday June 26th, and June 29th. For those who were students previously of this college, we received emails through our student email addresses. Now Im counting down the days!!!
  5. by   rubyrn36
    I was not a student with the college but I also got an email...
    snail mail packets going out Friday as well as Monday....
  6. by   cherronmj
    When did you find out? Did you receive your letter already? Or did they call you?
  7. by   cherronmj
    Congrats!!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Haven't heard anything yet.
  8. by   fyrace
    This is the school I am shooting for, but not eligible yet. Any chance of posting your admission stats here and any other info that made you successful?

    Thanks in advance for your time.
  9. by   LuckyDoo02
    This is by far the worst school ever. If you got accepted I encourage you as a current student in there RN program to reconsider. This school was my worst decision ever. They have no in class lectures, most class times are cut short or cancelled, most teachers are not willing to help you and they try to make it impossible to graduate. All your lectures are online and if you have questions you have to email them into the teacher who takes their sweet ass time to get back to you. Everything is on the computer and you NEVER USE THE SIMULATION LAB. They are literally one step away from LOSING THEIR NURSING ACCREDIATION FROM THE STATE OF FLORIDA. This school was once a good school and it is far from it now. You are NOT guaranteed a job at any FLORIDA HOSPITAL nor do you get first round pick when applying for jobs. I hope this information is useful. Be sure to check out all availiable resources before coming to this school. Maybe just stop by and ask the students that are currently enrolled in the program what they think before agreeing to coming to such a lacking program and school.
  10. by   rubyrn36
    There is a vast difference between a generic RN program and a CRNA prgram.... I am sorry about your bad experience but not all programs meet everyones individual needs... The CRNA program at this particular school has nothing but good reviews from everyone in and around that level of nursing... Apples to apples... That is what you need to compare
  11. by   fyrace

    Have you started yet? Any further information about how the class is going. Only thing lacking from that school now is graduation and word of mouth how good or bad it is. Very curious as this is one of my top picks. That and Barry (as they are both in Central Fl).

    Thanks for the follow up!
  12. by   rubyrn36
    Well I have spoken to several people in the two classes aghead of mine..and they have NOTHING but the most positive things to say about the program and the PD...Which is not Suprise. The PD at LSU..and her track record speaks for itself..I am relocatong across country...Seattle to attend this was the only one I applied to. Nursing education is not easy and CRNA education has the deserved of being the hardest..."FOR GOOD reason"...and with that kind of marathin..i want a PD director and her hand picked staff to be the ones to mentor and grow me.
    Best of luck to you....and maybe I will see you around...R
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  13. by   fyrace
    Well thanks for the info! I hope we can keep in touch and keep us posted on how things are. It sounds like you are helping ensure my first pick is a good one. Just need to get everything else in order. Thanks again and good luck!
  14. by   pb243
    I am in the program now and its terrible. There is no way all responses have been positive. The "staff" consists of the PD and assistant. That is it. The clinical experience is very good, but as far as the classroom be prepared to be on your own, and watch out of the unintelligible lectures from the PD. Good luck on your journey, I am almost through so its doable.