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  1. Just wanted to offer a little help to all of you in school. I just completed the LSU school in New Orleans yesterday! thankyou. We developed a student's organization and have a website that offers many great links.

    Lots of great information there and more links are coming.

    Here is a note for new SRNAs (student registered-nurse anesthetists) that I received the other day. It sums things up perfectly...!

    "Welcome to anesthesia school.
    Please note that the following is not directed at you, but it might come in handy.

    Here are a few humbling lessons I have learned since I started as an SRNA last year. I have since learned that many of them are applicable to SRNAs from one coast to the other.
    This is meant to be somewhat humorous, but there is a ray of truth in every statement.
    1. Life is not about fair. Life as an SRNA is REALLY not fair.
    2. If you are a whiner/complainer/vocal dissident, tell it all to your dog/spouse/mother - but not to the clinical instructors.
    3. Rocking the boat will get you very wet. And your boat may sink.
    4. Put up and shut up.
    5. Mind your manners.
    6. Pride goeth before a fall - usually in front of the chief CRNA, MDA, and surgeon. Sometimes patients get to watch this entertaining sport, too.
    7. If you are not exhausted, you aren't working hard enough. There isn't enough caffeine on the planet to keep end-of-second-year SRNAs from being tired.
    8. It's easy to be a big fish in a small pond. When you are a new SRNA, you are a phytoplankton in the Atlantic ocean.
    9. Overachiever? Cannot-fail mentality? Superiority complex? Just wait until clinicals.
    10. Learn to bite your tongue and smile while nodding your head in acknowlegement at the same time. This is VERY useful after exams and in clinical.
    And the most important one:
    11. You are the only one who can choose your attitude - negative or positive. HINT: choosing the latter will serve you well during your time as a student in anesthesia school."

    Here are your own words... "and i know i should let it go".
    Here is my response..."yep."
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  3. by   Athlein1
    Wow! Fantastic website - great links. Many thanks for sharing...

    I wrote the SRNA Life Lessons that you posted. It started on this board somewhere. And several months later, it all still rings true to some degree!

    It's funny. This anesthesia thing gets easier in some respects (i.e. I'm no longer dripping sweat every time I induce someone, and if something, ahem, untoward happens, I can usually think my way through the appropriate initial action steps) at the same time it gets harder (once you are not a neophyte, and boards are looming, everyone's expectations are much higher). 2+ years seems like a long time when you start, but somewhere along the way, you realize that it is a brutally short time frame in which to learn all the things you really need to know to be any good at this gig!
  4. by   gaspassah
    I just completed the LSU school in New Orleans yesterday!
    kevin is that you?
  5. by   athomas91
    great site...i just forwarded it to everyone in my class...thank you
  6. by   Heather R.N.
    I also just forwarded it to everyone in my class. At first I laughed, then I sighed realizing how true it is.
  7. by   lsucrna04
    Glad you all like the site. We are getting a lot of hits from it. Look often as we are going to add quite a bit more!

    Yes, gumby, it is me . Hope you are doing well. I'm just chillin, being finished and studying for boards! Call me sometime. I am just studying in the morning and doing whatever I like in the afternoon.

  8. by   gaspassah
    i be ringing you soon. i got some questions for you about your new job. btw congrats on graduation.
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  9. by   bj76302
    I just tried the website and it says that the domain has expired?
  10. by   Kiwi
    Quote from bj76302
    I just tried the website and it says that the domain has expired?

    This was a great website while it lasted. Maybe it was a class website?
  11. by   Pete495
    Yes, I tried and it was expired also.