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Hi! I've been using this forum to research the different loans that people have mentioned and here's what I've found.. The first thing is if you're looking for loans to live off of the key words... Read More

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    Quote from cmmg
    To qualify for these type of loans, do you have to have perfect credit
    i wouldn't say "perfect" but i can't imagine not so good either..
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    If your credit isn't perfect than you can get a cosigner, a mom dad inlaw etc. Especially if you have already quit work.
    best of luck.

    Brian Walsh
  4. by   crnahopeful32
    I will be starting school in August of '07 and I've already completed the FAFSA, but my school is not releasing any financial aid information until late spring. I know that the federal stafford loans will cover most of my tuition, but I wanted to go ahead and have loans set up to cover my living expenses, etc. Would it be okay to go ahead and apply for some alternative loans without receiving my federal loan information? Thanks.
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    Okay, I may be smart enough to get into CRNA school, but obviously a computer lingo idiot...what the heck is BUMP? Does that mean you agree?
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    bump= adding a post to the thread so it doesn't get "buried" in the backpages of a thread. This thread has been stickied though, so now this great info won't get lost!

    -Nurse Kern
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    First and foremost, this thread has been quite valuable as a resource. Secondly, UAB's financial aid office has than stellar. I have tried to find out what info they would need to know since I would have a greater need than my FAFSA/EFC indicates. Their reply was I chose a program/school that frowns on work but it was my choice and they would not factor that in. Also UAB is changing from Access to BlazerNet and nothing is transferring "according to plan." If anyone develops some rapport with that office let me know. All hail NextStudent!!! Other than that...see you at orientation.
  9. by   mmc-rockstar
    Haven't seen much posted about investing loan money until you need it. I hope everybody is using CDs if the money won't be needed until maturity. If not most banks offer money market accounts that pay 4-5% and you can move your money in and out of the accout as you need. Making 4-5% on the money on hold will save up to $2,000 in interest (each year) on a $40,000 loan. So, I am sure most of you know this already, but don't waste your money in a savings account, make sure yours is in a money market account.
  10. by   glhrn
    Has anyone been able to find any private loans recently that go above the cost of attendance? Have checked SallieMae, Wells Fargo, SunTrust, BancOne and all the private loans I have found only will allow you to take out money up to the COA. Isn't that what the GradPLUS loan is for? I need $ above and beyond the COA--single mom with other bills to pay. I am looking for private loans, that disburse directly to me, and are not dependent on the COA. If anyone has any info that would help, please let me know!!!
  11. by   picurn112
    The bottom of this page of this link has lenders that do not require school certification. I am using educated borrower. There are a few others too.
  12. by   mmc-rockstar
    Two loans I've been looking @ that don't require cert are Wells Fargo..Education connection (only up to 25K per year) or Sallie Mae Tuition answer loan (up to 40K per year, but start @ prime + 1%-from what they say) If you find a better deal, let us know.
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