Agency ICU nursing

  1. Other than trying to establish a good, solid relationship with a manager(which I realize is huge), would I be at a disadvantage for CRNA admission doing Agency or contract nursing in the big chicago hospital ICU's ?
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  3. by   japaho41
    I thought about your issue when I was preparing to apply. My opinion is it depends how that person looking at your experience looks at it. I have worked at hospitals that will float travels all over the place and give them easy assignments all the time and give the critical pt's to their own staff. You could possibly email the program directors and flat out ask them what there preception is, they may not even care. Bottom line no matter what you are or where you are at you have to sell that experience.
  4. by   smileyRn96
    I think this may depends a lot on all of your expereince. They may also want to know why you did travel vs a permanent position? Are you affraid of the commitment or responsibility that comes with permanent positions??? Are you in it just for the pay??? These are things I would be ready to answer to in an interview.
  5. by   japaho41
    If asked why you chose to travel I would not be afraid to say that yes, one of my reason was the money. Make sure to support that with the fact that you are saving for the 2.5 years that you will be jobless. Also I think it is to your advantage to show that you have had exposure to multiple ICU's and different hospitals.
  6. by   Brian_SRNA
    I spent the last three years of my rn career, before crna school, as a traveler in ICU's. You just have to play it up, let them know you had to be flexibile with trauma pt's one day, open hearts the next, and an acute MI the next. Being able to get along with all the different tyopes of doc's says alot too. I also told them that I needed the money to support my family, I did waht needed to be done, and they respected that. Best of luck. One word of caution, try to get real chummy with at least one manager so you can get a good recommendation.
  7. by   QuestForWa
    Thanks everyone for your replies...this is a tough time trying to get everything to line up right for CRNA school. Am I alone or did most of you (CRNAs/SRNAs) think and worry EVERY DAY about how to make it all come together?

    -Brian, did you find it hard to get in good with that one manager, given the varrying lengths of contracts? I would think it would be hard to choose the ideal one without the hindsight that comes after parting...Plus, what if the best manager to write for you happened to be one you worked with 2 or 3 yrs ago and doesn't remember you much anymore??

    Thanks again everyone. Keep the advice coming; I'm all ears.
  8. by   LIZPICURN
    I was a traveller for 2.5 years before I applied for CRNA school. I got accepted into both schools that I applied to. Obviously at first, while you are gaining the staff's trust you will get a "basic" ICU assignment. After an initial month or so, I got the same patients as the staff. Both my Letters of REC came from nurse managers from travel positions. One travel position was for a year, the other 3 months.My interviews never questioned why I travelled. They did not see it as being "afraid to commit" to a staff job. I see it more as being exposed to many different philosophies and practices. Not just thinkning there is one way to do things. Also if they asked- Yes I would have told them it was to pay for my wedding, start my life off with my new husband, and to aid to get through school with hopefully no loans. I don't see that as a bad thing at all, In fact I think it looks as if you are doing what you have to do and that you are motivated. Good luck in whatever you decide. Elizabeth