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What is the oldest age anyone has been upon enrollment to CRNA school?... Read More

  1. by   rnmsmba
    I just graduated and I will be 47 next week...It was a challenge but felt more ready for it as an older student...Glad to be done!
  2. by   beedog13
    I gradauate in Dec. 2010...the day defore I turn 40...
  3. by   Phlavyah
    I antecipate I'll be 40 when I am ready to apply...
  4. by   dive.princess
    i am turning 40 this year. i am glad i waited until i had a few years under my belt--one really has to be committed once in the program, and i don't think i was mature enough before now (i tried the application process 5 years ago, and even then, i didn't have the right motivation).

    sadly, though, a lot of programs won't accept you beyond mid-40s.... (even though we are all going to be working another 20-25 years!)

    but what is too young? well, if a person has the requisite bachelor's degree, and 1 year icu...... the youngest person in my program is 27. i suppose it would depend on the maturity of the person. geesh! i was married 5 years when i was 27, and had a mortgage and 5 years icu experience! so i was more than likely ready....

    ok, enough rambling....

    good luck! don't let age deter you!
  5. by   junglern
    I just turn 37 in June, I though I was too old, this web make me feel I still can go for the degree with no problem.

    One of the things discourage me is the amount of people lack of professional or educational interest in the ICUs i have been.

    I want an advance degree that provides me autonomy and no more chat, chat, chat at the units with drama and little issues.

    Added to the lack of professionalism of many, like secretaries and aides that going every shift to get the pay check in the easiest way possible, pretending we are in charge even for the am care, answers to call bells even to put Md notes in the charts, very fustrating.

    I am moving on and not for the money, just for respect and selfsteem in first place.

    I wonder if there is some of you with same nursing bedside experiences, even loving my carreer as I do, sometimes is tiring to do everything from a to Z.

    Thanks for all your Threads, you guys are a mutant generation with dreams and making the hospitals a better place....

    Good luck to everyone.
  6. by   beardedhalo
    Age is not a deciding factor at my school. Applicants are chosen on work experience, undergraduate grades, references, and character. Our age group in my class range from 23 to upper 40's.