Age and travel while a SRNA

  1. I would really love to hear from current SRNA'a and CRNA's.
    How long is/was your commute during CRNA school and how old were you when you began CRNA school?
    I am worried I will be too old. Do they (interviewers) tend to overlook or discourage those who may be a little bit older (anyone over 40, not that 40 is old)?

    What about travel time. I am wondering weather or not to plan to move my family or for me to just commute and/or stay in the city during the week and just come home on weekends. Any advice/thoughts on these subjects would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   suzanne4
    My best friend in the world is in anesthesia school now, and she is well over 40, and so are others in her program. She spends any time not in class, studying, so even doing much with family on weekends can be an issue. It will also depend on the type of program, hers is front-loaded.

    And I just heard that they have changed the number of most programs to meet the requirements for licensure..............her school is going to be 48 hours per week of direct anesthesia care, and that does not include settin gup the room, etc, or interviewing the patient, etc. Other programs have increased their time to 60 hours per week.
  4. by   LisaRRT
    Thank you for responding Suzanne, I am beginning to wonder if I should just go down another path as I am not getting any younger. The program I am most interested in is NOT frontloaded. My children (the ones still at home) will all be in grade, and or middle school by then too.

  5. by   jenniek
    I think the average age is mid-30's in the program I'm in. Some much older, some much younger. I wouldn't let your age prevent you from applying. Go for it! Your children would be at an age where they understand what you are doing, and you can commit to going to X number of their school activities. Hopefully you have a supportive spouse who will help with kid stuff.
  6. by   jenniek
    I tried editing...but wouldn't let me.
    As far as commute, I'd try to have a short one. you lose study time/time at home if you have a long commute. If you do have a long commute, invest in a voice recorder/i-pod type device to allow you to listen to lectures on your commute.
  7. by   LisaRRT
    Thank you Jennie. I am pleased to hear of the average age of your group. Even if I am in my mid to late forties when I earn my CRNA I will still have at least twenty (hopefully) years of practice to go. Sometimes, I want to kick myself for taking so long to finally go after this goal of mine. I have been interested in Anesthesia since the early nineties.

  8. by   jenniek
    My mom must passed her RN boards, she's in her mid-50's. Not that it's the same as anesthesia school, but it can be done! My delay was getting my BSN. There is always something!
  9. by   BigDave
    I'm 46 and will have finished my first semester of CRNA school tomorrow. The only problem with age is in my head...I'm surrounded by 20- and 30-something classmates. I'm starting to think about being "older." Kids? I have a one-year-old sitting in my lap now, a 7 YO, and two older kids not living here. I think we'll try for another kid after the holidays. This is a great time for us. We are held captive for the next two years and my wife is staying home anyhow (a dietician by trade). Age did not seem to be an issue in getting accepted. (I worried about such too.) If you are qualified, go for it! Remember, the average age for a CRNA is around 45 anyhow.
  10. by   GCShore
    My age is 35 and my commute to Baptist Hospital is 35 minutes from drive way to parking deck. My commute to classes at UNCG is 1 hour and 5 minutes......I have tape recorder and also use the time to catch up with friends on the phone.......don't let age stand in your way......

    Big Dave, you are an inspiration! We have 5 and 2 year old daughters and "toy" with the idea of a third after anesthesia school.....and to think I was concerned with age..... Congrats on finishing up the first semester.....after my final tomorrow, I will have finished my first as well! Tell SW in your class that I said congrats and hello!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  11. by   BigDave
    sw is s nice guy. i'll see him at chem/physics final tomorrw.

    i drive about 15 miles to the hospital and about the same to uncc (although i am done out there). that is about 30 minutes driving with traffic. i too record lectures, listen to audio-digest anesthesia topics, or just rock the stereo and drive too fast!
  12. by   rayman
    I recently was accepted to start CRNA school in Jan 2007. I will turn 41 in a few weeks and have a 6 y/o and 19 month old. I have several friends in school and they are in their late 30's. I've seen several "old" people like us at the school. Go for it and hopefully my senile old brain will be able to handle it!