A Blessing and Maybe A Curse

  1. I have already been accepted to CRNA school and will begin this fall. Other factors in my life have required me to move and as of right now, I am not working. When I have talked to current SRNAs, they all have told me to enjoy my time before school, since it will be diminished once school begins. Is it a good idea for me to just relax and not work? Or should I at least get a part-time job? I think the latter is better, but I would like a current SRNA's point of view.
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  3. by   bloomRN
    I can understand your dilemma. I struggled with the same situation you are currently struggling with. I was accepted into a CRNA program that will begin this summer, but would require that I move my family and I across the country to attend. Because attending the program required such a drastic change for my family and I, the decision not to get a job was an easy one for me. This time has allowed me to get my family settled in a new and unfamiliar area. It has also given me the opportunity to take a few classes early that will lighten the load a bit once the program begins this summer. Perhaps greatest of all is the quality time I have been able to enjoy with my family over the past few months.

    With that said, it all depends on your situation. What I chose to do will cost me more money in the long-run, but was worth it to me because of my wife and kids. Every person is different, and each situation unique. I don't think not working for these few months will harm me as far as skills are concerned. After all, most programs don't start you in the clinical setting until after at least the first semester (if not more if front-loaded). Good luck with your decision!
  4. by   kuhRN
    I am in a similar situation. I decided to get a PRN job so I only work one day a week. This way, I keep up with my skills, I get to get out of the house a bit, and we have a little extra money to do all the fun stuff in our new area.
  5. by   BxRN0808
    I think I will apply for a PRN position. I like your thinking, kuhRN