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I didn't check the faq here and hope this isn't out of line! Here goes though.

Semester started and tapped my funds. School hours conflict with work and I'm below my fte, limits my funds. I tell my off and on s.o that he's got first chance to be my roomie since he is more than that. After six years, he says okay lets work it out. We agree and I was supposed to follow through with breaking my current lease and moving in with him, putting my stuff in storage.

Yesterday between classes I call my landlord and am lucky enough to break my lease with only the penalty of the security deposit. I explain that I won't be able to afford rent. Landlord is understanding and says to turn my keys in Jan 31st.

Meanwhile, my voice mail beeps in. Its my off and on s.o. saying that he's thought about it all night and has cold feet. He said he just can't do it.

Fine, bugger him, his loss. I'd already let him know that after six years our relationship would not survive his lack of comittment.

Thing is, here I am with a broken lease, too little funds to maintain this apartment and two weeks to go.

Anyone in the Chicago area need a room to rent? I think I've got two options here. If I could rent my one bedroom to someone for 300 a month I could stay or if I could find a room I could go.

Criminey, there is always something at the start of the semester isn't there?

Okay, thanks for listening to the student rant o rama. :)


anne w

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i can relate to your issue . it is hard to afford to pay for anything but a rathole (which none of us want to live) when we are in school trying to juggle it all and keep our heads above water. it sounds like your boyfriend is just what you said. you are right, his loss. i always liked to have my own place, privacy, my own decor and all my stuff. i really always lived on my own, and had to pay ALL on my own. When i was in school the first time, i lived off of part time work and student loans until i got a job at home depot. I worked like 35-38 hours and went to school full time. i lived in a 1 bedroom for 275.00 month+gas and it was really cheap. I wanted to have a roomate, but you also have to be picky. make sure they are honest and what about all their rowdy friends? It`s tough. anyone i would have chosen lived with their family or boyfriend/husband or kids. so, i struggled. nursing school is tough. its not flexible like some other programs. alot of people in my class are complaining. my one friend works for the state and they have bent over backward for her. she is now in danger of losing her job because of this 4 full days a week job of nursing school. you also cant mix days or nights at our community college. i have 2 children, and one on the way. (unexpectedly) one lives with her dad, and the little guy with me and my husband-soon to be ex, he just doesnt know it yet!. my other baby due in june, then only one semester. Graduate december 2004. I cannot afford to live on my own, and im in a crappy situation. im looking into alternatives. i suggest you put an ad up at school, and like you did here. its obvious your boyfriend is suppotive of anyone but himself. i hope you can find a roomate, i really do. i dont know how much apts. are in chicago, but they are medium here in ny(buffalo area) Good luck to you. i pray you will find the right roomate or apt. to suit your needs until you become that nurse and can live where you want. God Bless You.:)

Gennaver, MSN

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Thanks Anne,

Hope it all works out too. One major positive is that this weeded out the jerk right away. :)

Now, to keep my things from going to the street, fingers are crossed. Ideally a student will be my roomie and I won't have to move.



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Maybe you could post this on the state forum as well? That may get more attention. Hope everything works out. You are right, nursing school is HARD and it takes a lot out of a person, but it can be done. Best of luck to you.


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I suggest that you post an ad around campus on bulletin boards with your number written on it for people to tear off. I know Ive seen lots of those ads and it looks like people respond to them because usually the numbers I see have been pulled off several times. good luck! I know how hard it is! I am also single and have to support myself, and I am starting a program this summer and know its gonna be hard to balance work and school. My ex fiance who lives back at home in TN where I am from, and I are discussing giving it another try and him moving here to FL with me. I feel bad to say this, but one of my reasons for giving him another chance is for the financial help. Its not the main reason, because I do still love him, but it is a factor. Every roommate situation Ive ever lived in has been a disaster! I used to live with my ex when we were together, and we got along just great. I think it will work least I hope it will!:) I hope something works out for u! your BF sounds like a jerk to leave u out on a limb like that....I can understand 6 months, but 6 years?????come on....


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It is too soon but eventually this fall I would be in the market for a roomie due to nursing school. Try or easy There are tons of Chicago people looking for roommates, most of them are available now. Good luck!


manna, BSN, RN

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That's what I was going to suggest too -

A very close friend of mine found her roomie there and it was great! (sometimes I'd sure rather have a roomie than my husband and two messy little boys to pick up after! LOL) :D

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Hi again,

The posted signs are still on campus, (with tear off email addys.) Maybe something will come of that. I checked on and saw there is a 26 year old guy in a southwest suburb not too far from mine but, it costs money to send him an email. Don't think spending money is the way to go right now, seems like wheel spinning to me. :)

Sigh, I'm not right in Chicago, I'm about 15 minutes southwest of it. Not really in the heart of it but, not too far to get there.

I do appreciate the warm words and advice everyone. Like that alot from here!! Yippie!

Oh, to the poster who was thinking of giving her ex a chance, good luck, hope your situation is different than the last time.


p.s. I guess instead of turning in the keys at the end of the month I could just turn in a partial rent check and see what goes?

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