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I am a nursing student in an associate degree RN program. I am halfway through the program. I am applying to externships in my area that are open to ADN nursing students. However, I have no clue what to include or not include on my resume... Can anyone help me please? I copied my resume below. (changed some personal information) This fits on one page. Should I include details about my jobs/clinical experiences and make it two pages? Or leave it one page and leave off the details such as accomplishments, tasks, etc (leave it as it is)?

What about my past jobs, even though they are not relevant to nursing, should I include them?

As you can see..I really need some help with this. Help/advice please? Thank you so much!

Deleted copy of resume. If anyone is willing to help, I can email you my resume. :)


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HI, if you want you can email it to me and I will look over and give my humble opinion.


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Thank you! I just sent an email.

Also, don't forget to write a great cover letter. You should highlight your achievements (GPA/community service/volunteer work/clubs/leadership roles). You can also talk about how your past work experience will help you in the externship position you're seeking. Talk about what you like about the organization you are applying for also and how you can contribute to their goals. Make sure you personalize each cover letter for the positions you are applying for. It's a lot of work to do that but managers can see it when you have a generic letter.

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I would keep your resume to 1 page, but as said above, I would write a really great 1 page cover letter. It allows you to highlight your experiences and what makes you a good fit for that position and hospital. As said above, make sure you personalize your letter for the position and hospital you are applying to. I did an ADN program and was able to get an externship position. But, my getting the position was less based on my resume/GPA/experience. My resume was good, but I didn't have ANY prior work experience and my GPA wasn't so hot at the time. The only reason I got the position is because I was extremely persistent and I called HR/the recruiter every week after I applied to let them know I really wanted the job. That was a little over a year ago though, and these days GPA and volunteer work, etc are very important. Times are tough right now, and externships and new grad internships are competitive, so you have to follow up and make sure the facility knows you are ready and willing to work! Try to get one or two letters of recommendation from your clinical instructors to make your application stronger. Also, career services at my university reviewed everyone's resume in my class during the final year, so I would suggest trying that as well if that is an option. They can help to give you a professional opinion. Good luck to you!!