Work days or nights during NP program

  1. Hello, I'm debating to apply for night shift in med surgical county hospital. I currently work in a detention center day shift. My goal is to start NP sept 2014, and reading allnurses most clinicals are done day shift. My job is stressful and last time I worked med surg was 5 years ago. I'm also thinking returning to inpatient will help me after graduation, my goal is to work FNP and possible urgent care. My background consist 17 yrs RN, 10 yrs per diem med surg, outpatient clinics/specialty. Oncology, hospice, hi-tech IV HH, assisting living and correctional. Please help need opinions of current NP students or graduates. Thank you.BTW this will be a transfer position not loosing my senority of 14yrs.
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  3. by   Palliative Care, DNP
    I worked nights during the first year of my 3 year program. Now in year 2 there is no way I feel like I can successfully pass and work. I'm not working again until it is as a NP.
  4. by   zmansc
    I think everyone is different, I struggle trying to learn and flip my clock from nights to days, so I would definitely not try to work a night shift job and go to school. However, your mileage may vary as they say, and you might be better equipped to handle night work/day study. I know several folks who work night shift and get at least a couple hours of studying in per shift. I'm not sure how adding more medsurg experience to your resume will help you in your future NP career, I think you already have sufficient experience to build off of once you become a NP. Good luck whichever direction you choose!
  5. by   Future FNP 14
    Thanks, although I have to work lol I'm glad you are able to focus on school. Congrats on your journey NP.