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  1. by   IrishIzCPNP
    Quote from BostonFNP

    I know several FNPs that work in WH and are quite successful. FNPs receive a sufficient amount of WH and prenatal training, while not the equivalent of a WHNP, FNPs can offer much to a WH practice.

    This is probably equal to the family doc who thinks he is the best choice to do a delivery.

    I cringe at the family doc who comes in for deliveries. Yes, he has some training but nothing compared to the OB.

    Same thing for WHNP and FNP. Sure he FNP has some training but it isn't to the level of the WHNP. I personally wouldn't see an FNP for my gyn care. The specialty exists and I would insist on a WHNP or a gyn.

    The practices around here only have WHNPs and not FNPs.