What is expected from me on my clinical for fnp

  1. I will begin my first clinical hours for my FNP program and it will be on a adult clinic setting. But what is expected for me to do?? do I document same as the provider? do i just do the physical assessment? do I DX and then consult with the MD..
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  3. by   Sha-Sha RN
    I know for my first clinical I shadowed my preceptor to see how she conducted visits and assess the PTs. After that there is nothing wrong with asking your preceptor the expectations about seeing people, what parts of they visit they want you to handle and the documentation you will do. In my experience preceptors are different.
  4. by   ChristineN
    Your school should clearly explain your expectations to you, and you and your preceptor should be on the same page as far as expectations. I am starting clinicals for FNP this fall as well and while I don't know 100% what the expectations are, my school has told me that my focus first semester will be more on performing head-to-toe assessments and doing history and physicals as opposed to just learning how to diagnose and prescribe.
  5. by   Annaiya
    I think when you get started you will know what to do, so I wouldn't worry about it much. Your preceptor will help guide you and you will find it difficult to come up with your diagnosis and plan to start with. Just focusing on your assessment and history is a good place to start.
  6. by   nitasarn
    I agree with the previous posts. When i did clinicals the first week i would shadow the NP. Then I would start going in without my preceptor to conduct historys and do the physical assessment. I would then report my findings to her and then discuss my plan differential diagnosis, etc. One thing I always did after clinicals at home was to read about something I had seen that day. I would do that everyday.
  7. by   NJprisonrn
    Yes, your school will give you very specific expectations that you will share with your preceptor. I shadowed for the first few days, then I saw patients while my preceptor watched, and then I would see patients by myself. It will all be made clear for you. If it's not then ask questions.