Very very nervous ANCC

  1. Hello all. I'm just very scared about taking my ANCC adult/gero np exam. I studied but I just hope I studied enough. I feel like crying cause I just don't think I can take it. Any advice to calm my nerves or tips for preparing for this exam? Thanks in advanced.
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  3. by   DelightfulNP
    If it is any constellation I wrote AANP FNP last month and prior to going into that exam I felt like you did. Keep in mind that certification exams are testing the most basic entry-level competencies. They don't expect you to know what an NP working 10 years knows. Good luck
  4. by   WintermoonRN
    Thanks for the kind words. Really means a lot.
  5. by   MikeFNPC
    I'd be more worried if you had high confidence. In my experience, arrogant students are usually the ones who need to study up. A little fear is healthy. After reading your post, I'm sure you'll do fine. Try and get a good nights sleep, take a little break the day before, and some caffeine can help. Good luck.
  6. by   WintermoonRN
    I took my exam and PASSED! Yay! Thanks for all your advice and kind words
  7. by   MikeFNPC
    That's awesome, congratulations. Now get to work, lol.