UTHSC at Houston FNP MSN Interview vs Acceptance - page 3

I just had an interview for UTHSC houston's FNP MSN program... hoping intensely that I made it in but I have to wait another half a month!!! so now I'm wondering if anyone knows what percentage of... Read More

  1. by   IheartICUnursing
    @amz09, is that for FNP or ACNP? I'm applying for ACNP... I was recently told that it will be April 15th for ACNP
  2. by   amz09
    FNP! Good luck to you!
  3. by   Imadoki
    Congrats amz09! I interview at UT on March 27th. Was your interview long?
  4. by   tyousaf
    I just had my interview today! They said Friday is the last day for interviews and we should hear back sometime during the following two weeks after that via snail mail! Good Luck everyone!
  5. by   nurselyfe4115
    Does anybody know how many ACNP students they take??
  6. by   IheartICUnursing
    I was told they take approximately 20 ACNP students/ year.
  7. by   Jenifer819
    20 ACNP students?? wow!!! I thought it would be more than that. I applied for FNP. They take 100 students. I keep checking myUTH to see if admission status has changed. Nothing yet!
  8. by   Jenifer819
    That is awesome, amz09!!!! Congrats!!!! Are you FNP or ACNP?
  9. by   IheartICUnursing
    @Jenifer819 I know right??? Such a small class! I've been checking myUTH obsessively. As far as I know they are supposed to have all decisions for FNP and ACNP on Monday the 15th because that's the day they send out acceptance packets. I am hoping that's true and that the update my UTH on that day as well or I might go crazy
  10. by   Julia77063
    I wonder if it's 20 per semester or year?
  11. by   Jenifer819
    I hear you, IheartICUnursing!!! LOL! I pray all of us get in!! So ready to start this journey....

    When everyone gets acceptance packets...please post!!
  12. by   amz09
    Jenifer819, I will be in the FNP program starting full-time in the Fall. Did you apply for FNP?
  13. by   IheartICUnursing
    @Julia77063 I think its per year. The director said ~20 per expected graduating class, and everyone graduates the same semester whether you start in the summer or fall. At TWU, I think its like 15. So I wonder if ACNP programs have small classes across the board? Strange!

    I heard a rumor that this is a "count year" for UT meaning maybe they will take more students this year? Since it effects their reimbursement from the state or something... Just a rumor though