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  1. Hi fellow nurses,

    Is there anyone out there currently applying or have recently applied to UTA and been accepted? Just wandering how tough it is to get in and once in, how's the program?
    All input is helpful!!


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  3. by   lvn2rncali
    Hi there. I applied to UTA for Summer 2012 and found the experience to be frustrating and I was not impressed. There's an impersonal feel to the school and program as a whole. You get transferred to this person or the next, all without straight answers to any questions or you just get a voice mail. I also applied to University of Wyoming and they are great! There's rarely a voice mail (and if there is someone calls back promptly) and I get straight answers to my questions. It seems a lot more personable, too. I have been accepted by the school and will be taking NURS 3010, the introductory class, this summer, which starts on Monday. I strongly considered UTA, as it seems like a good program, but I don't like feeling like a number and the Wyoming program is much cheaper. Hope this helps! Good luck in the program you choose.
  4. by   FuturFNP
    I'm graduating from the RN-BSN program at UTA today. I didn't apply to the FNP there because they don't have an online one. If there was one available there I would apply in a heartbeat. My experience there has been excellent, I highly recommend them for them RN-BSN part.
  5. by   svh040789
    It's pretty tough to get in..however, it depends on the pool of students applying. They really look @ considerations, all sciences at UTA, 30+ hours @ UTA, previous degree, honors college. What are you stats? Are you applying to Spring 2013..if so post your info on here....

  6. by   NewTexasRN
    Sadly, I don't want to tarnish anyone's reputation, but it's true about UTA Rn to Bsn online program. I'm in it right now and sometimes I get so frustrated. I never get a chance to speak with my advisor on the phone. The communication is mostly through email. They have the potential to be a great program, but I feel that they have admitted too many students and can't keep up with everything so they can't give personal attention to their students.
  7. by   FuturFNP
    I agree wholeheartedly, however I didn’t have to communicate with my advisor hardly ever. To accomplish that I had to spend an excessive amount of time on the material, and I’m pretty good with computers so tech support never had to be consulted. Being on-your-own is what makes online courses much more challenging, in my opinion.
  8. by   missyfriend09
    I am confused. Is this a thread for students applying for the Nurse practitioner program in spring 2013? Or is this for students applying for the RN to BSN program?
  9. by   SCSTxRN
    I just completed my RN-BSN degree with UTA -AP and am starting the PMHNP program in the spring.

    The coordination, so far, of the MSN people has been stars and beyond compared to the Academic Partnership advising experience. That was ludicrous, all email, never any certainty and very frustrating, after the excellent customer service to get your money and get you started.

    MSN level advising, on the other hand, has been AMAZING. Even when you know the schedule has got to be INSANE, they are there to answer questions and help you to plan. I can't say enough good things.

    With regards to difficulty to get in, I hear it's competitive. I got in my first try, 3.9 gpa with bsn completion from UTA, specialty certification (psych).
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  10. by   Violach
    I don't see much rhyme or reason.... everyone seems to have decent GPA's. It appears that many who are partnered got in with lower GPA's. I'm hoping to get in for the Fall 2013 start date.