UT Tyler FNP Fall 2017

  1. Hey!
    I applied for the Fall admission and was wondering who all out there has applied to UT Tyler? We're supposed to be hearing soon from what I read in previous posts. Maybe this week? Hopefully soon!
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  3. by   minniemickey23
    I got my acceptance letter today! (Friday 3/10)
  4. by   nurse.stg
    I did too! Do you know if you're going to pick Full time or PT? Also do you know how many times we will have to go to campus? I'm trying to decide if I'll be able to work FT (in Dallas) at least the first couple of semesters and do school FT
  5. by   spudbunny

    I got the acceptance letter on friday - I wasn't expecting to hear from them until April. I am in Richardson and am wondering about the campus visits as well. I can't see why we would need to go 5 or 6 times the first semester. Does anyone know how many people will be in our program? I look forward to meeting my new classmates!

  6. by   nurse.stg
    Yeah I really want to know how many campus visits they require with both part time and full time to help make my decision. I don't have any kids so I have more time but still worried with working full time and having I'm on my way for school FT. Do you currently work full time? Are you planning on doing full time or part time school?
  7. by   spudbunny
    I am planning to go full time. I work full time now but expect to go down to part time during clinicals. According to the Nurse Practitioner Program document, we need a total of 7 preceptors and the campus visits are when we have lab classes and clinicals. Are you deciding between several programs? I only applied to Tyler and Midwestern State University's PMHNP program - their deadline isn't until April 1st though.
  8. by   nurse.stg
    I applied to UTEP as well but won't find out until May or June so I don't think that's even an option anymore. That's my plan as well to go FT then drop to PT when clinicals start in later semesters. Hopefully it won't be impossible
  9. by   cmeks
    I am in my second year at UT Tyler FNP program. I have been a FT student all along. For those wondering about campus intensives , you will have the campus orientation plus two more campus visits for the first semester especially if you are taking advanced health assessment. For clinical OSCEs (PC 1&2 , and probably 3), you will have one campus visit for each of these clinical classes to do your OSCEs. If you take PC 1 and 2 at the same time, you will have two campus visits to do the OSCEs(and that will be tough). Hope that helps you plan ahead on what you need to do.
  10. by   spudbunny
    Thank you for the information. How do you like the program so far? What do you think is the most difficult and/or challenging thing about the FNP program at Tyler?
  11. by   cmeks
    The program is not difficult as such as long as you keep up with the assignments and clinical chartings on typhon, you should be able to do good. Do not let work pile up or procrastinate!!
  12. by   nurse.stg
    Thanks for the info! I sent you a PM if you don't mind looking at it. Also, do you work FT as well?
  13. by   nurse.stg
    Has anyone been able to register for classes yet?
  14. by   Lauren13

    I just applied for Spring 18. Just trying to see how they base acceptance. I'm just nervous.

    Thank you