Urology nurse practitioner?

  1. Hoping some one can help give me some insight on the road to working as an NP in urology. I recently started a FNP program and currently work as an RN on a surgical telemetry unit. We do receive the occasional urology patient and I really enjoy the specialty. Can anyone shed some insight on what they did or some one they knows did to get into urology as an NP?
    I would like to leave my unit to go to an ambulatory surgery center, as they often take a lot of urology cases. Good move? My unit is great, but extremely stressful, and we do not get as many urology patients as I'd like.
    Any help is appreciated, since I can't find any on the internet!!!
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  3. by   uronurse1
    I love, love, love urology! Such a variety of GU issues and never a dull moment. I have worked as a nurse, nurse/office manager, and now a NP in a private urology practice for the last 10 years. I am a certified urologic RN and will obtain my certification for urologic NP in October.

    I got in because i was desperate to get off nights in the hospital after 1 year and so i applied everywhere hiring for days. The practice was looking for an LPN but the interview went well, i was hired, and the rest is history. If you are allowed to do a portion of your clinical rotation in specialties, i would highly recommend arranging for some hours in a urology practice. That would get your foot in the door and allow much more exposure to help you to better determine if this is really what you want. If you arent able to do this, perhaps you could arrange to shadow on your own time.

    There is a recognized growing shortage of urologists (among other areas i know) so i do believe they will be utilizing NPs and PAs more and more in this field. I would recommend becoming a member of SUNA which would introduce you to a wealth of information. Membership would also really help you with networking as you would be placed in contact with your local chapter for meetings and other activities.

    Let me know if i can answer any questions for you.
  4. by   phillycpnp-pc
    Congrats on starting your program. When u get to clinicals try and get a urology clinical site. One of my classmates I just graduated with got a peds urology np position. I think she was at two urology clinical sites. She knew it's what she wanted to do..... Like u. Good luck!
  5. by   emilyewrn
    Thanks for all of your help! I am lucky to be going to a program that allows us to pick our own sites. I am going to try to get some experience in urology during school and hopefully that will help me get my foot into the door. Will look into SUNA as well. Glad other people enjoy urology as well, my coworkers look at me like I'm crazy when I say I'm super interested in it.
  6. by   emilyewrn
    Good luck on the uro NP certification. I am definitely going to take your advice!
  7. by   Lize321
    Hey I'm interested in urology as well. what is a typical day for you: how many patients do you see, do you do any ICU management as well or anything in the OR? Thanks
  8. by   uronurse1
    A typical day for me involves seeing anywhere from 20-25 pts with a wide variety of urologic issues- bph, prostate/bladder/kidney cancer, kidney stones, UTIs, ED, low testosterone, testicular masses/pain, hematuria, urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, pelvic organ prolapse, urethral stricture, and more. Huge variety so never boring.

    If our group is on call i will round on patients in the hospital. I am never in OR although that may be the case with other urology practices.

    I am also responsible for reviewing results and addressing any abnormals appropriately.

    I find urology to be very challenging and very, very busy. I am never without numerous things to do. I really cant see myself doing anything else.
  9. by   dbroadfoot

    I am currently a nurse practitioner working for a large urology practice. Presently, in addition to seeing patients, the practice would like me to perform procedures including cystoscopies and prostate biopsies. While there are many opportunities to receive training/practice with the other doctors in the practice, this is not an acceptable form of training for NPs. In Arizona, according to the State Boards of Nursing, NPs are required to receive formal training for these procedures.

    I have been trying to locate training courses for flexible/rigid cystoscopies and prostate biopsies and am not having much luck. I wanted to see if you or any other NP in urology knows of any training courses that are available in the states for these procedures.

    Thank you
  10. by   Lize321
    SUNA is having a conference from Oct 31st-Nov 3rd, and they are having a hands on cystoscopy workshop. Here is the link you should check it out. Good luck
  11. by   Princessachula5
    Hi, I read you are a CURN. I will be taking the exam October 2015. I just wanted to know if you have any tips for the exam, I am really nervous. I have heard of a lot of people failing the exam. I work in the hospital on a urology, post op, floor with 3 years of experience. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  12. by   Yesyes
    Can someone please tell me an estimate of their salary as a Urology No. I just had interview and would like to know if I'm being low ball. MD will train me . She will do surgery and I will run the clinic after trained
  13. by   UroNP75
    I concur, there are many resources for NPs in Urology available at SUNA.org.
    There are also local chapters for SUNA throughout the states for all levels to become involved.