University of South Alabama, MSN Emergency NP Dual Role, Spring 2012 start

  1. I was just accepted into the University of South Alabama's online Advanced Emergency NP dual role program, MSN option, with a Spring start. Is anyone else in the program, or will anyone be starting at the same time? Any advice from previous graduates?

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  3. by   perioddrama
    Just wanted to pop by and say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

    Best of luck to you in your program of study.
  4. by   ED Nurse Steph
    Hi Lizzy Nice to meet you. Congratulations on your recent acceptance. I just got accepted also. I got my letter on Saturday. I'm really excited...and extremely nervous. I'm so glad that you posted on here. I would love to get to know each other a little bit before the program starts. Hopefully we can become study partners. So nice to "know" someone. I find that it's hard to "get to know" people in the online school environment. I would love to exchange information with you and help each other get through this! Again... Congrats

  5. by   ED Nurse Steph
    Lizzy... I'm new to this site and don't get on too much. I wanted to give you my personal email so that we can chat...
  6. by   LIZZYICU
    Thank you Perioddrama and Stephanie, and congratulations to you, too, Stephanie!

    It's great that someone else is in the exact program! Right now I can't send PMs because I have less than 15 posts. I guess makes members post to a certain amount before they allow personal messages, to help prevent spam. I'll work on posting a little more, so I can send you my email address.

    I'm really nervous, too! It's been awhile since I took more than one class at a time... my ADN to BSN program staggered classes so they were faster-paced, but there was only one to focus on. Also, that Securexam proctor device we have to get is pretty crazy, finger-printing and video-taping 360 degrees while we take exams!
  7. by   LIZZYICU
    Whoops, I posted my response without refreshing the page and didn't see your last post, Stephanie. Email sent!
  8. by   manna
    I'll be starting the ACNP program in the spring and would be happy to keep in touch with anyone starting their grad school journey as well!
  9. by   AshfaceRN
    Hey guys!I was accepted into the same program as well! I vote that we make a fb page. -Ashlea
  10. by   LIZZYICU
    That would be great!

    Also I just realized I put Spring 2012 in the topic title here instead of Spring 2013 ... sorry for any confusion!
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  11. by   LIZZYICU
    My registration time started yesterday at 9 AM. I added NUR 607 and NUR 545, giving me 6 credit hours. One of the USA CON advisors *******informed me that NUR 608 may be taken in a different semester of the program. I will be doing that, since I am nervous about taking 3 graduate-level classes at once while working full time, and this would let me ease into the program more smoothly without adding any more semesters. I am in section 804 of both classes.
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  12. by   AshfaceRN
    Hey guys, the FB page has been made, thanks to Marianna. We should definitely stick together while we maneuver through grad school craziness. :-) search for University of South Alabama MSN on fb.
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  13. by   LilCougRN
    I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I've also been accepted to the Spring 2013 AENP program on provisional basis, starting with Nu 404, 410, and 411. Has anyone else taken these classes? I will look on FB if I don't see any posts. Thanks!
  14. by   TulsaTime
    I am also staring the dual role program in January at USA. I'm also very nervous as I'm trying the full time option and still working full time. I just sent a request to join the FB page. I think that was a great idea!!!!