University of South Florida ACNP Spring 2013

  1. Hi all;

    I recently found out that I was accepted to USF in Tampa's AG-ACNP program for the Spring 2013. I am still in awe as I believe it is their inaugural class from attending the graduate information session this past summer. I have searched the threads to see if anyone started one,but basically I just wanted to reach out and hear from all who will be starting in the spring at USF as an MSN student, as we will all have the same classes for awhile regardless of track. Hope to hear from all the future USF APN's soon
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  3. by   alexa625
    congratulations on getting in! i'm still waiting to find out...i applied for the fnp track and they said that one usually takes awhile to hear back from because they have so many applicants are you planning on going full time or part time?
  4. by   grace390
    Hey alexa;I know I heard that the FNP track is the most competitive. Today is the last day they are accepting apps so you should know no later than 6 weeks from today. I hope that you get in for the spring . I applied for part time as I work full time . What did you choose ? And why FNP? I chose ACNP because I want to do outpatient cardiology , and they usually round in the hospital. I'm a new grad so don't really have much RN experience to pull from.Grace
  5. by   VidaUrbana
    Hi, I'm applying to the Fall class for the FNP.
  6. by   NP Sam
    Well I'll be the different one. I'm applying for the Fall PNP track. Congrats on getting accepted!
  7. by   VidaUrbana
    Did everyone attend USF for undergraduate?
  8. by   NP Sam
    I did attend undergrad there.
  9. by   VidaUrbana
    Ok! How was it? And did anyone attend of the graduate sessions? I was thinking of attending one.
  10. by   VidaUrbana
    Hi, Sam. I replied back to your message but your inbox is full.
  11. by   NP Sam
    Ok I deleted some.
  12. by   VidaUrbana
    I can't reply to your message again, lol your mailbox is full.