University of South Alabama summer 2018 - page 3

Hello. Just applied to the dual role summer 2018. Anyone else out there? My gpa isn't stellar, but I have everything else they want. Hopefully I will be accepted. Anyone gone through this degree or... Read More

  1. by   Lisajo1020
    Hi! I applied for the NP summer 2018. Has anyone received their acceptance letter yet? I am anxiously awaiting!
  2. by   WiIIa
    I just got my acceptance email!! I haven't gotten a letter in the mail yet!
  3. by   kcribbs
    I got an email about my acceptance this morning too!!! Finally the wait is over! Anyone else doing the PNP-AC track?
  4. by   LadyT618
    Congratulations to you both!!
  5. by   newRnnene
    I Got mine too!
  6. by   MamaBear61016
    Has anyone received an email for not getting in? I haven't received anything, email or letter, and now my anxiety is super high!! Everything is crossed!!

    Congratulations to y'all that have been accepted!!
  7. by   Che1138
    Congrats to everyone! I just got my acceptance email for the dual role summer program!! Now it is time to switch from work to school mode!!
  8. by   Never Never Give Up
    I was also got the acceptance email for WHNP option for summer 2018!! Anyone else for Women's Health?!
  9. by   Whitroth05
    I received my acceptance email as well. Has anyone started a fb page so we can stay connected?
  10. by   PsychNPtx
    I got mine too...but I am doing psych NP...congrats to everybody!!
  11. by   therewillbejoel
    Acute Care NP here i come!
  12. by   WiIIa
    Has anyone gotten their acceptance packet in the mail yet?
  13. by   mchiasson
    I also got into Psych NP for summer 18. Congrats!