University of South Alabama summer 2018 - page 2

Hello. Just applied to the dual role summer 2018. Anyone else out there? My gpa isn't stellar, but I have everything else they want. Hopefully I will be accepted. Anyone gone through this degree or... Read More

  1. by   brinksta
    i like this school
  2. by   LadyT618
    I'm loving this school too
  3. by   WiIIa
    Yes! they said they would be mailed after the 15, so I'm assuming they're mailing them tomorrow.
  4. by   newRnnene
    I was told that they are still reviewing applications and that we could find out end of January, 1st week of February.
  5. by   WiIIa
    Did you apply to the dual role msn? Maybe someone just got mixed up!
  6. by   newRnnene
    I APplied to summer FNP
  7. by   newRnnene
    I just called today and they said end of January, early february
  8. by   WiIIa
    I applied to dual role, maybe it's different for both! I hope it ends up being sooner than later!
  9. by   newRnnene
    Yes that could be true. We will see.
  10. by   therewillbejoel
    I applied for summer 18 acute care. I called early last week and they said late jan early feb. Do we know for sure if acceptance letters are to be sent by mail?
  11. by   LadyT618
    I received both an email and snail mail letter regarding acceptance into my program. I started on the 8th. So I'd be looking at both mailbox and inbox.
  12. by   newRnnene
    Did you get the decision emailed to you're persobal email? And did you get the email before you got the letter?
  13. by   LadyT618
    Yes, it came to my personal email, the one I used on the application. I definitely received the letter before the email.